Motley Sue and tell NBC F U!

Motley Crue is going after NBC for banning them from performing. They were blacklisted for the crime of cursing during the New Year’s Eve 2004 broadcast . The banning does seem extreme and unfair considering the fact that other performers have made the same “mistake” and not been banned from NBC. So they are suing NBC to take a stand and make a point. Go to their official website for more info on it.

lost audio transcript from a Motley Crue press conference:
“Look at this guy….ever since he was on Punk’d, he’s been on some gangster sh!t! What’s up with the fatigues thunn, I mean Tommy?……For real tho, what’s up with that mixtape? Shout me and Vince out next time!

Motley Crue suing NBC over network-wide ban

Motley Crue Fight For The Right To Drop F-Bombs


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Mama Said Smack You Out!

Whoa…take it easy there killer…

~excerpt from Blender interview~

When was the last time you threw a punch offscreen? bradleyAA, Miami

Will Smith: I smacked a dude in LAX a couple of years ago. I haven’t punched anybody because I know how to punch now. And, if I punch someone, I’m gonna hurt them really bad. So I smack now. Because a smack stings. It was a photographer. They do this thing in L.A. where there’s two photographers and one photographer comes over to fuck with you and the other one’s across the street and they shoot it. So I made sure they got a good piece of film.

I read somewhere that you said you had an open marriage. If that’s true, can I get Jada’s number? grillpower, Lancaster, PA

WS: I never said that I had an open marriage. What I said is that our relationship is based on 100% truth. That, no matter what, there’s never going to be something that I would say or do that I wouldn’t tell her first. And then the interviewer said, well, what if you were with Eva Mendes and you wanted to … I said, well, I would say to my wife—if that situation presented itself—I would say, “Honey, I want to sleep with Eva Mendes, is that OK?” And, you know, she’d probably say no. But the point was, how can you expect to be successful in a relationship if you’re not telling your partner the 100% truth? The fact that the interviewer could take that in the direction he took it showed me where he is in his relationship, you know?

{in Jim Carey’s Ace Ventura voice}Alllllll-righty then. Check the inteview at