Five Minutes of Funk with Potluck

Just in time for your holiday reading, is another fun-filled, Five Minutes Of Funk interview. This time we sit down and chop it up with SoCal hip-hop group Potluck. With their new CD “Straight Outta Humboldt” in stores, the Humbold Country based rappers are on a …ummm..break from touring. Read on below for more info on UnderRated and 1Ton, check their sites and tell them Q sent you!

1. What is your background? How did you start your career?

UnderRated: I’m just a white hippy kid that grew up in Humboldt County, California, the weed capital of the world. I fell in love with rap when I was about 13 and have been addicted to it ever since. I went from DJing first, to making beats to rapping and making songs.

1 Ton: I am Black man who grew up in San Diego, Ca. but has spent the past 10+ years in Humboldt County, Ca. I have listened to hip-hop my whole life and just like UnderRated I went from DJing first, to making beats to rapping and making songs.

2. What are your songs about?

We are from Humboldt County so we naturally have songs about smoking but our main focus is simply making songs about real life issues. We are just people that go through the same situations and emotions as everybody else so we want to make music that everybody can relate to.

3. What’s the strangest thing that has happened to you lately?

UnderRated: Falling off stage and braking my ankle about 2 weeks ago at a show in Palm Springs… That was very unexpected so now we are gonna spend a lot of time in the studio making new beats and songs for a couple months.

1 Ton: UnderRated falling off stage and breaking his ankle. That meant cancelling our performances on the rest of the KMK tour and the upcoming Tech N9ne tour until then we had went 6 straight years without ever missing a show but oh well shit happens.

4. Who is your fan/customer?

Our fans are people that like good hip hop music made by real people. We also cater to a lot of weed heads since we make songs about smoking real big. I think our fans support us so much because they can relate to us as normal people by listening to our music. We are very grateful for the fans we have and appreciate the support to the fullest.

5. How do you describe your music to people? (This is not a short answer. Discuss it.)

Our music is a variety of all different types of hip hop. We have artists like E-40, Tech N9ne, Twiztid, KMK, Jurrasic 5 and the Luniz on our newest CD ‘Straight Outta Humboldt.’ We love all types of hip hop as long as its good including gangster, backpack, mainstream, or underground. We take a little from each genre and make it into our own style.

6. Describe the most rewarding experience of your career thus far.

UnderRated: Since the beginning I always really loved seeing people feel our music. I would sit in my bedroom and make beats that I would like but I absolutely loved seeing other people feel it by bobbing their head or smiling and giving me props. Also, a lot of people lately have been telling us that our music is affecting their lives in a positive way and that is what making music is all about to me.

1 Ton: Being able to tour the nation and meet all of the different people. It has been great to see the way that people live their life on a everyday basis. It lets me know the more we think we are all different the more we are really the same.

7. Where you at and what are you up to? (Any upcoming shows, releases, projects you want to plug)

I’m fresh off braking my ankle so we are gonna be in the studio a lot making new songs. We just had to pass on the Tech N9ne tour coming up because of my ankle but we’ll be all over the internet promoting as usual. Hit us up at Its really us, come say what up.

8. Who are your musical influences? Who is your favorite music artist(s) and why?

UnderRated: I always liked music when I was a kid and my dad listened to a lot of Reggae. Then I got into hip hop real strong at the age of 13. I grew up on the west coast so I naturally grew up on Dre, Snoop, DJ Quik etc. I started DJing when I was 17 so I got into everything that hit the club. I love all types of hip hop and I’ve been influenced a little from each genre.

1 Ton: I am influenced by everybody in life that I meet. Weather it is a homeless person on the street in Cleveland, Ohio or a rich music lawyer in LA. It goes the same for other rappers I like Jurrasic 5 just as much as I like Young Jeezy and Tech N9ne. I was raised to have an open mind that is why I appreciate all types of music. All that being said I think Tupac is the best to ever do it because he was able to speak on all of the emotions a person goes through and do it with pride. Most artist today stay stuck in just one emotion either to hard or dance in the club it gets repetitive.

9. What song/CD(s) are you listening to now?

The new CDs we’ve been bumping are the new Obie Trice, Tech N9ne, Snoop, Game, Eminem Re-up, Akon, Mitchy Slick, and Fat Joe.

10. If you could pick 3 people to be in a band with you, who would you pick?

UnderRated: Dr. Dre, Snoop, and 1 Ton.
1 Ton: Dr. Dre, Tupac and UnderRated

11. What’s the most recent book you’ve read?

We don’t read many books.:)

12. Where would you be if you could be anywhere in the world? Favorite travel spot?

UnderRated: Although I’ve never been, I wanna be in Hawaii from just what I’ve heard about it. I wanna finish writing tons of songs and beats and then go relax in Hawaii with Jessica Alba for a week or so.

1 Ton: In Miami for this years Super Bowl watching the San Diego Chargers take home their first ever Championship.

13. Any last words, or anything you wanna plug, shout out or say?

Thanks to everyone behind the scenes at Sub Noize and Team Potluck that helped us put out this record, and thanks to all the fans that keep us going.

14. LL couldn’t live without his radio. What gadget or pro audio piece is your must have item? What’s your favorite electronic item?

UnderRated: I could not live without the MPC drum machine when I make a beat… I just couldn’t do it! It makes the drums bigger and hit harder.
1 Ton: The Mic enough said.

Barack Obama and The Race

The Media’s Obama Mania

from A search of the terms used in that coverage on Google News found that from Dec.11 through Dec. 17, Obama was mentioned in 2,590 news stories. That compares to only 409 stories at the same time last month (Nov. 13-19).

‘The Challenges We Face’
from Newsweek

Mo Rocca On Obama’s Name Problem from CBS News

Barack Obama’s offical site

Obama Wiki page

Obama podcasts

Obama on Tavis Smiley-audio interview

More ready to accept black Prez from Daily News

Webslinging-News on The Coup & Mr. Lif, Bebo, Spying XMAS Gifts and more

Dutch Pull Plug on Analog Television -By TOBY STERLING Associated Press Writer
The Netherlands ended transmission of “free to air” analog television Monday, becoming the first nation to switch completely to digital signals.

Time Out rates the critics-Time Out New York got together an independent group of panelists to rate New York’s art, book, dance, film, food, music, and theater critics.
Kid ‘n’ Play alum now teaches history of hiphop
The Crash
Taken from hip-hop group The Coup’s MySpace Blog page:
Shortly after the acapella singing of “Afternoon Delight” by Ferrell et al., a big bump, then another, then plummeting down as we tipped over to the left. I was sitting in the diner-like booth that many of these buses have in the front. I held on to the table with one hand and tried to guard my head with the other, all the while thinking that I was probably about to die. I don’t remember seeing everyone flying and flipping around me as it was happening, but Carter’s (the road manager) and Wiz’s face were covered in blood, and everybody seemed to be laying around hurt.

Read more here and help them out by donating anything you can. Visit The Coup’s MySpace page to support real hip-hop in a real way!


Holiday Crap That Spies On You- Thinking about getting the Nike + iPod Sports Kit? Did you know that your movements can be tracked? That’s right, The Man will be able to follow you on your jogging trail through the Nike iPod combo, they can even see you on a little Google map as you do your laps. Get one for everyone in your family and join in on the Big Brother movement!
Bigulo Launches Hot or Not for Bebo
If your not up on Bebo yet, you need to be. You can check my Bebo page here. I need to update it a little, maybe add some new music up there. Make sure you read the article at Mashable’s site and add me to your Bebo friends!
Free Tibet!

Really Really Good-2006 Weblog Awards,46th Annual Grammy’s and P.E. Live in LA!

Peace and olive oil grease, my good hood folkerinos! Happy holidays to you and yours as we get ready to end another year. This last year gave us plenty to write about and I’m sure the Best Of 2006 lists will be very entertaining. We still have a few weeks left so who knows what else will pop off before it’s all over. Hopefully we can coast into another year with relative peace and quiet. OH yeah, the picture is of an stone wheel press, used in making olive oil. Grinding it out the natural way is the only way we do it here at Canhead, ya know! – Big congratulations are in order to for receiving 3 nominations for 2006 Weblog Awards. The Weblog Awards are one of the world’s largest blog competition, voting ends December 15th so do the right thing and rock the vote! The home team is up for awards in Best Online Community, Best Sports Blog, and Best Music Blog. If you didn’t know how popular the amazing site is, now you know. I am proud to write a column for them and excited to hear the news! W are up against some heavy competition, as Fark, Daily Kos, Meta Filter, and StereoGum are all in the runnings. Go vote for us at the Weblog Award site and check out for the news. -PUBLIC ENEMY-X-CLAN-LIVE-HOUSE OF BLUES ON SUNSET-December 10th Sure I know what your about to say. You’ve seen the shambles of what used to be the mighty Public Enemy on stage. You miss the good old days, when the Prophets of Rage brought the noise to the stage, like no other. But since the original members all drifted away, the spirit of P.E. seemed to fade. Well this show should resuscitate the old fury, as the only member who seems to be missing from the bill is Terminator X. That’s right, Chuck D, Professor Griff, The S1Ws, DJ Lord, and the man himself, Flavor Flav will be in the building! This is PE’s first American tour in three years and the first complete tour of America in 9 years. Brother J and X-Clan will be there too. The Vanglorious crew is back with a new album, Return From Mecca, which is scheduled to be released next month. The jump off is at 8 pm, Dec. 10th in LA, check their website for local tour dates. Make sure you check for the show they roll through your town.

- Speaking of nominations, the Grammy’s have announced their Nominations for the 49th Annual Awards. The 49th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on “GRAMMY Sunday,” Feb. 11, 2007, at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, and will air on CBS from 8 – 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT). Corinne Bailey Rae will duke it out with Mary J. Blige and The Dixie Chicks for Record of the Year, while Lupe Fiasco will try to skate away with the Best Rap Solo Performance award.

The déjà vu award will go to Eminem, as he has two nominations in the same category, for the same song. I’m not even sure how that works, but “Smack That” looks like a favorite in the Rap Collaboration category. There are other interesting nominations this year as the music industry was all over the place music wise. Lionel Ritchie, George Benson, The Pussycat Dolls, Carrie Underwood, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson are just some of the people up for awards. Stay tuned for details as they come in.

- Blogcritics on Grammy’s

Why The Grammy Awards Make Me Feel Old-Written by Tim Gebhart

Not Your Mammy’s Grammys: A Word On Your 2007 Nominations

- Speaking of the Grammy’s, do you know who won the first Grammy for a hip-hop records?

D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince won the “Best Rap Performance” Award for Parents Just Don’t Understand back in 1988.

Fast forward to the end of 2006 and we see Will being the parent and helping his kids to understand. Understand how to get PAID! Will and son Jaden star in the upcoming movie The Pursuit Of Happyness. They reenact the rags to riches success story of Chris Gardner. Will got the cover of Ebony magazine this month, where you can read more about the movie and Smith’s thought on making it.

I also found this additional article on Chris Gardner at Read it to get the real story! – The Grammy’s on Hip Hop article by Charles Vanegas

- Holy Wood-Virgin Mary seen in piece of wood

I do consider myself a spiritual minded person. While nowhere near perfection and at times blatantly proud of my shortcomings, I do try to keep it righteous as often as possible. However, I have never understood the whole phenomenon of people seeing Jesus, Mary or any other saintly vision, in everything from potatoes chips to lumps of melted plastic. Maybe I’ll try to swing by Cheatham County, when I touch down in Nashville for the holidays and see if I can’t snag a picture of the miracle for you all. Read the story on the Virgin Mary’s stop in Tennessee here.

- NYC 105.1 radio DJ Carl Blaze shot 13 times-Click the link to read the full story. Seems the Power 105 DJ was robbed of his jewelry and shot numerous times. Thanks to a few good Samaritans in the apartment building, he was tended to quickly. Our prayers go out to DJ Carl Blaze for a speedy recovery.

- Pete Travers has a list of the 25 Best DVDs of the year. Two of my favorite new movies, A Scanner Darkly, starring Keanu Reeves, and Spike Lee’s When The Levees Broke hit the list at #15 and #20. Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” made its way on the list as well. See if your favorite DVD charted at Rolling

- Speaking of Rolling Stone, the new interview with Snoop Dogg is in there, with added audio clips of the interview as well.

- has an interesting post called What Quebec Can Teach Us About The N-Word. He links to another post, but it’s his take on the Richards incident that I found insightful.

Michael Richards used the word that way because he knew he’d never have a pass for it. His lack of standup skills left him panicked and powerless in the face of these hecklers, so in a final act of desperation he reached for the one surefire weapon he had left, to shock and outrage. He went there precisely because he knows he’s never supposed to go there. And the more we try to repress the word, the more attractive it will be to racists like Michael Richards who need to mask their powerlessness by dropping a bomb in the room.

- Meanwhile, EVERYBODY has an opinion on the whole issue and the new push to stop using the N word has sterted heated arguments on both sides. Damon Wayons is in the spotlight as he was banned for using the N word in his set at the club. Not taking the route of Paul Mooney, Wayans doesn’t seem like he will stop saying it in his routine. Read more on the incident and other related articles below.

Damon Wayans Banned For Using The N-Word

Ban Jackson, not the ‘n-word’ – by John Ridley

Cedric heckled with N-word By Jim Slotek

- Toronto Sun ‘Nigger,’ ‘Nigga’ or Neither? by Kendra Pierre

Online Bootlegs-A Scanner Darkly

Today you could watch almost any movie, television show, and more whenever you want to, for free. If you know where to look and don’t mind low quality bootlegs, that is. I found a site that has tons of movies and television shows listed.

While I wont give away the exact url, I will post a few shows that I think you’d like to see here. Think of it as my SoulCast Movie of the Week!

Today’s pick is “A Scanner Darkly” starring a animated version of Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., and Woody Harrelson.

Part 1

Uploaded by sesmm123

Part 2

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Part 3

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Before The Music Dies

Visit the site here
‘Before the Music Dies’ attuned to collapse, By MARC FISHER, Washington Post First published: Thursday, November 30, 2006

The men who made this movie were driven to spend a year of their lives wandering the country and talking to musicians and radio and recording-industry people because they correctly felt that something elemental has changed, that the institutions through which they fell in love with music are flailing.

A look into ‘Before the Music Dies’, 11/30/2006 5:10 PM By: News 8 Austin Staff
News 8 Austin’s Andy Langer spoke with the movie’s Director Andrew Shapter.