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Technically, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead died right before 2016 but I still consider him part of the group, for me, that has inspired me to be the person I am. This has been a real crappy year for people, from mostly my generation, who grew up with actual musicians. They wrote their music, their lyrics, […]

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Here’s How Google’s Waze Can Reportedly Be Used to Stalk Drivers — Fortune

Google’s goog Waze navigation app has flaws that could allow someone to stalk a user in real-time, according to researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The researchers previously made Google aware of the problems, and it seems the company mitigated some but not all of them. Fusion writer Kashmir Hill allowed the reseachers…

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Patients for Medical Cannabis

Please help Shona Banda win her fight by donating to her gofundme account, and signing the petition telling Kansas to stop tearing apart Shona Banda’s life.

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Medical Marijuana Legalized in Pennsylvania — WNEP.com

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania is now the 24th state in the country to offer medical marijuana. Governor Wolf signed the bill into law Sunday afternoon at a ceremony in the Capitol rotunda surrounded by advocates and lawmakers. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 3 on Wednesday with a vote of 149-46 after the Senate…

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In my attempt to return to the keyboards and jump back into the blogs, I am puzzled about why I am writing at all. Lord knows I have more than my fair share of rambling typos spread across the Internet already. There are more than enough word worthy topics and my excuses of not having time to write are starting to sound old. I may not have time to write a essay, filled with proper references and well thought out responses but I do have enough time to shoot out a quick 300 word-ish rant here and there.

In today’s current world of “foli-tricks”, chemically laced food and low brow reality television, my next question to myself was the same question many a God fearing blogger has asked himself time and time again..

Why write junk down?

Got ’em!


I was going to go with the “What Would Jesus Do”  story line and apply it to writing, but then I would have ask if we are speaking on Jesus from The Big Lebowski, Black Jesus, Big Baby Jesus or the one on your grandma’s dusty television that looks like Roman even thought he was a Jew.

Then I would have to consider why the hell NASA doesn’t want anyone to say his holy name. I really don’t have enough time for that right now..but maybe later you can drop off your kid and run that fade!

I do know what Jesus did in The Walking Dead last Sunday, and I hope he is Rick and everyone’s path to salvation, but that’s another story entirely. (Note to self, include more TWD references in future post)




Insert your favorite smart ass type of emoji here, but seriously why write it down at all? The comments can be terrifying at times, my grammar and punctuation sucks and most of you all seem to be on Instagram on Snapchat anyway. With that being said, I will be posting much more on our social media feeds, but I will give the old school blog method another shot. So yeah…that’s all I really wanted to say. I’m writing again. You have been warned. Now go click on all those links and don’t forget about this one here and here and this one here is dope yo!


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Activist Arrested For Making Facebook Post Criticizing Gov. Snyder Over Flint Water Crisis

A Sweet Dose of Reality

By John Vibes | The Free Thought Project

Flint, MI – Activist Christopher G. Wahmhoff, 37, is facing charges after he made a Facebook post referencing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Wahmhoff was already on probation for an act of civil disobedience two years ago. He crawled into an Enbridge pipeline and stayed in there for ten hours to protest the expansion of a recently ruptured oil pipeline that had already damaged the local environment. Ever since that protest, Wahmhoff has been on probation and faces regular scrutiny from his probation officer.

Wahmhoff is back in trouble again this month after the courts caught word that he was posting about the Flint water crisis on Facebook. The post eventually resulted in Wahmhoff violating his probation and getting cited for “threatening behavior.”

In late January, Wahmhoff made a post calling for the arrest of Governor Snyder, as many activists have…

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Hillary on Flint Water Crisis

Source: Hillary on Flint Water Crisis

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Samaria Rice Says Corrupt System Killed Her Son

“Due to the corrupt system, I have a dead child,” she said. “I feel like breath has been taken out of my body once again.”

Source: Samaria Rice Says Corrupt System Killed Her Son

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Vintage Footage Reveals How NORAD Tracks Santa

The Unwritten Record

This Christmas Eve, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will have tracked Santa Claus’s journey around the world for 60 years.

norad-santa A NORAD staff member uses a radar scope to monitor Santa’s progress. (Still from 330-DVIC-39346)

Colonel Harry Shoup began the tradition in 1955, after receiving a phone call from a child expecting to reach Santa Claus. The misdirected call was the result of the child reversing two numbers of a Santa Line phone number printed in a Sears advertisement.

Colonel Shoup ran with the idea, and began releasing updates on Santa’s whereabouts to the press.

In 1974, the NORAD released this footage to television stations in order to show the public how NORAD’s Santa tracking operations worked.

This year, 1,250 volunteers will staff the NORAD phone lines. The volunteers are a mix of Canadian and American military personnel and Department of Defense civilians. The Santa Tracker hotline can be reached…

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Jidenna delivers 3 New Songs For The Holidays

Fans of the “Classic Man” crooner Jidenna are getting an early Christmas present for the man himself! He is sending out the following message, complete with new music!


We had a hell of a year. You each deserve to eat, drink, and be swanky during the holy days. As you do, please indulge in a few appetizers.

My new tracks, “Long Live the Chief,” “Knickers,” and “Extraordinaire” are available on iTunesSpotify, and Google Play Music. The main course will be served in 2016.


“Long Live the Chief”

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