Andreessen Horowitz-Backed Leap Buses Are Hitting San Francisco’s Streets This Week

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Leap – Your daily commute. Redesigned. from Leap on Vimeo.

It’s been a year in the making.

Transit startup Leap is finally launching in San Francisco with completely overhauled buses and a route from the Marina to the downtown area.

The startup, which is trying to rethink mass transit, is competing with a host of other shared transit companies from Y Combinator-backed Chariot to ride-pooling startup Loup and of course, Uber and Lyft.

Leap, however, is aimed at regular commuters who are doing a predictable route every day and may not want to jump for the price points of on-demand services like Uberpool and Lyft Line. Tickets cost $6 individually or $5 in packs of 20. If you use commuter benefits, you can get the cost down to $4 a ride, according to co-founder Kyle Kirchhoff.

The buses circulate every 10 to 15 minutes and take about 25 minutes to go…

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President Barack Obama to Give Speech Marking ‘Bloody Sunday’

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President Barack Obama is set to give a speech Saturday afternoon marking the 50 years that have passed since a violent attack on protesters by police in Selma, Ala., that became known as “Bloody Sunday” and set into motion the passage of increased voting rights for African-Americans.

The speech will provide the nation’s first black president an opportunity to reflect publicly on the efforts of many throughout history who made his presidency a reality. It also arrives amid a series of present-day challenges that have forced Americans to confront how far the country has progressed since that confrontation between marchers and police officers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge a half century ago.

This week, a Justice Department report revealed deep prejudices among police officers in Ferguson, Mo., where an unarmed black teenager was killed by a white police officer last year. Throughout the past year, the names of young black…

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Protestors Demand Chicago Police Close Homan Square Facility

Originally posted on CBS Chicago:

CHICAGO (CBS) – Accusations by a British newspaper of brutality at a West Side Chicago police facility prompted about 75 to protest and demand its closure, reports WBBM’s Bob Roberts.

The Guardian newspaper calls the Homan Square narcotics investigation facility a “black site” at which those arrested are beaten and denied access to lawyers and others. Police have denied the allegations.

[cbs-audio-player artist=”WBBM 780’s Bob Roberts” download=false image=”” url=”″ station_name=” WBBM 780/105.9FM” station_logo=””]

The protestors want Homan Square shut down and a thorough investigation of Chicago police detention and interrogation policies. Protestor Andy Thayer focused his wrath on Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

“I’m sorry Mr. Mayor, but you’ve lied to us about enough other things that we’re not just going to take your word for it that things are just fine and hunky dory in the building behind us here,” Thayer said.

Mike Holmgren of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network says…

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10 Facts You Should Know About ISIS

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Miami cops are sending fake data to Waze to stop people from knowing speed trap locations

Originally posted on BGR:

In recent years, Waze has established itself as one of the most useful apps that drivers can have on their phones. The crowdsourced traffic app lets users send updates to other drivers in real time, alerting them to accidents, detours and speed traps. But police officers aren’t too happy about that last particular use.

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Police Officer Who Shot Kristiana Coignard Was On The Scene For Less Than Five Seconds (VIDEO)

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[ione_ndn_embed video_id=28450574]

Surveillance video has been released of the moment 17-year-old Kristiana Coignardwas gunned down by the police in Longview, Texas last week.

The Longview Police Department released the 23-minute-long video, which shows the teen in several scuffles with officers after entering the police station while allegedly wielding a butcher knife. Coignard’s aunt Heather Robertson claims the teen battled bipolar disorder and depression since the death of her mother.

Glenn Derr, the first officer to arrive, can be seen tackling the teen. More police officers convene soon after, including Grace Bagley, who was on the scene for just a few seconds before fatally shooting Coignard. Police claim they used Tasers on the teen to restrain her, but they didn’t work.

According to Think Progress:

Derr quickly gets off her back but Coignard remains on the ground. At this point, Derr appears to have his gun drawn. At 10:50, the second officer,

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Editor’s Picks for Best Albums of 2014

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*Composition Only: albums selected based on this criteria for arrangement and composition of music which may or may not have been released this year.

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The Social Justice Reading List

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Here are just a few books for self-education that will help any person passionate about social justice or not to become more socially conscience. -‘35 Dumb Things Well-intended People Say’ by: Dr.…

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A Tale Of Two Silicon Valleys: Wage theft, billionaires, and the rest of us

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wage-theftLast month, a multiagency task force composed of federal, state, and local authorities busted open a major Bay Area wage theft operation, leading to arrests, raids, mug shots on the local news, and big speeches about the injustice and immorality of wage theft:

“Businesses should not profit by stealing from their hard-working employees.”

For months here at Pando, we’ve been reporting on Silicon Valley’s Techtopus, the wage-fixing cartel organized by Steve Jobs, George Lucas, Eric Schmidt, Bill Campbell, Meg Whitman and other superstar luminaries. According to experts’ models, just four Big Tech companies at the center of the Techtopus—Apple, Adobe, Google and Intel—effectively stole up to $3 billion in employee wages between 2005-2010. This doesn’t include the dozens of other companies who appear as co-conspirators, from Disney and Dreamworks Animation to IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, WPP, Comcast and others named in secret internal company documents first revealed by…

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Pastor who admitted he had AIDS refuses to step down, gives Sunday sermon

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The last place you would expect Juan McFarland to be on Sunday was at the pulpit.

But that’s exactly where the pastor was, despite recently admitting to church members he had AIDS and slept with church members without revealing his condition.

McFarland is still the pastor at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Sunday, McFarland delivered a sermon on “divine healing,” according to WSFA-TV, and confirmed to the station he would not be stepping down.

The video below was uploaded to Shiloh’s YouTube page back in March. The title of the sermon is “I Knew It Was The Blood.”

TheGrio | Alabama pastor admits he has AIDS, slept with church members

The church hierarchy voted for McFarland to step down 80-2, following his AIDS  admission as well as other troubling actions such as drug use and mishandling church funds.

Ousted Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church pastor Juan McFarland (Still via WSFA 12 News) Ousted Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church pastor Juan McFarland (Still via…

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