Cuz I make great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…Van Hell Sang!!

O.D.B. at the Grammy show

Props to Tofuhut for this link I just jacked. Sorry, had to do it!

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“I have opinions of my own –strong opinions– but I don’t always agree with them.” -George Bush

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The other day I got an email from this guy named Hashim. He has a cool blog going and I post comments on it from time to time. Anyway he asked me if I wanted to help work on his blog and I was like “Yeah!”. So look for more rambling, pictures of girls that I love, and hemp reform proproganda from your boy at his site. Oh yeah, he has a nice little fantasy basketball league that I’m in. It’s a little confusing sometimes but it’s a blast!. I say we have our Finals Party here!

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Heres another cool site I came across with government names of artist. “His momma named hm Clay, I’m a call him Clay!”

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I’m thinking about posting a 420 bulletin board on this blog. If you don’t know what 420 is, skip this entire blog….for good. The report will be just that …you drop a line about the 420 situation in your hood, rates, grades, whatever, as long as its true info for real 420 peeps. But mind your tongue when you post….u never know who is watching! Just for fun!

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Philly did it to NY. Every time I have good picks for Sunday, I get all nervous and don’t play. I would have had 6 for 6 picks last week. I don’t know what to say about my Titans but by did they fall off! They break my heart. But my other squad in New York, Gang Green is nasty! Blog up to all my fellow die hard Jets fans out there as we are finally getting the season we deserve to see! Damn it feels good to see people up on it!


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Big shouts to my boys at Subliminal who will be in Spain next week, doing the damn thing. I will have to catch up with you in Miami, your boy Q is ballin’ on a serious budget!

Make sure you check out my squad, The Groovegetters every Friday night at DJ Juan Kato and DJ Will hold it down on the online streaming video mix!! “House music all night long (say what?)”

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~Ill link of the day

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