Karma luvs Snowy Mondays

Ok. I feel guilty for not posting any music on here yet. I don’t have anything of my own ready to show just yet, so I’ll give you something I dug out of the crates. These are Yousendit links, so check them out quick. Enjoy.

“Whatever You Say” Little Brother

Yo, what is that loop in th back, I have an idea who I think it is, but don’t wanna blow up the spot on 9th. Had to let the record play for the Roy Lee sponsered WJLR 5 O’clock Joy Ride bit. That’s what up!

“Channel Zero”-Canibus
Can I Bus drops science about the Greys, The Bible and the Grand Deception. One of the reasons why Canibus is still the man, second to the military stint thing. At ease solider. This is my boy Frat’s joint!
Oh yeah, I meant to post this last time
Karma Muth@F*(k@!!

In case you don’t know, these guys need to be put on blast. Never mind the fact that these guys got me for a lot of money and CDs. That I can get over. But I had plans for my CD release and thought I was working with an honest company. What was I thinking, right? An honest company in the music business…anyway, they failed to do anything that they promised and I lost momentum on the project. But karma may win in the end. This same company seems to have jacked a few other people, namely Kurupt and Kool Keith . Since they are going for their loot, I think I’ll do the same.

Sorry Ma..Ma hates it when I curse.—The following is from Kool Keith’s site, Doc…I’ll holla…

“911 Fan Alert”
Dr. Octagon Part II is a BOOTLEG

The album is being bootlegged by 101 Distribution, in association with Real Talk Records and 33rd Street Records. The album has already been shipped and is in stores as of October 12th. It cannot be recalled. The album features 2 demos, 2 Clayborne Family tracks, and 6 INCOMPLETE tracks from the upcoming 7th Veil album. The cover of the album features Kool Keith standing in front of an Escalade, which he is not even down with. 101 Distribution, Real Talk, and 33rd Street are being sued for this release. According to Jacky Jasper, the official bootlegger is Michael Kinbrew (a.k.a. Scoobie) and his partner Damon Evans. Supposedely, these two have stolen records from Kurrupt and had false negotiation agreements with Kel of “Kenan and Kel” (Nickelodeon). HipHopSite.com has already recalled the album

I’m out!

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