Poetic Just Us

What…you didn’t know the kid wrote poetry? Now you know. When theres alot of profanity in it, its lyrics. When it’s clean and pure with odd rhyme schemes, it’s poetry. You be the judge. What’s up Tantra!

~The Pen~

My spirit
writes subliminal messages
with invisible pens

It sketches tattered tales
of loss and shortcomings

I have watched
The life of my old ghost
And its aged course

He is searching
for the glow
that the fair maiden called love emits

My spirit
longs to the feel
the warmth of her rays

My eyes
search for hers and get lost
in her gaze

Can she see me?

How deep can she stare into me
without losing her grip and falling
head over heels

My pen’s movements
have foretold her fall

But the wonder of her smile
and the rush of her kiss
is irresistible

I long to feel her

The pen’s script is fulfilled
As I begin
to love you

The old ghost smiles
as you kiss me back

the sun rises over the south
and spreads her wings

The old mans laughs
as his form loses its grey

She sees me and my ghostly companions
Kisses are given to us all

Only then does the pen stop
And rest on its side

empty and quiet.

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2 Responses to Poetic Just Us

  1. Kinetic says:

    Dat’s what’s up Q… I didn’t know you had it in you like that Bro.

    We need to link up… Holla at yo Bwouy!!


  2. sonja says:

    hey it pays to travel back
    in time, dontcha know
    felt this fahreal Q
    and i got some pomes
    that are peppered
    with profanity but have structure
    to death, so i’m
    stuck in the middle…

    nice to read

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