On The Job

~If you haven’t heard yet, Hova is the new boss at Def Jam. Be on the lookout for a flood of dis records, dirty laundry airing out, Roc-A-Fella second stringers getting mad airtime or dumped or both, and the real beginning of the dynasty. Jay Hova indeed!

~A news bit that falls squarely in the lap of musical tragedy that we are glad as hell had nothing to do with hip-hop, the story on DimeBag Darrel is incredible and pretty scary if you really think about it. That would be like somebody running onstage at Summer Jam and shooting Chingy for leaving D.T.P. A few weeks ago there was a thread somewhere about what “gully” means? That’s gully! Not even hip-hop has an incident like that! Murder Inc. live on stage style. (Click here for Pantera and DamagePlan full albums!)

Somewhere In Hip-Hop

Fat Joe and Remy Martin are in Miami being followed by a dark Crown Victoria, for no apparent reason.

Beenie Man is about to be court ordered to perform in the 2005 Gay Parade for community service

Every rapper who had a hit song this year, is about to get a Grammy for it.

Will Smith it polishing off his 4 dusty Grammys and laughing real hard. (Sidenote: DJ Jazzy Jeff is not amused.)

-Marshall Mathers just woke up from a weed nap nightmare. He dreamed that he called Dr. Dre the “N” word by mistake live on the radio.

Random 5
Blackalicious –“Chemical Calisthenics
Rob Zombie “Demonoid Phenomenon
Nas-“The World Is Yours”-true
Ice Cube-“Nigga Ya Love to Hate
Mad Villian CD

Ill links


When was the last time you saw a Jeru video? I think it’s been far too long.


D-12 on Conan O’Brien

I won’t be like everyone else and dis D-12 for all the obvious reasons. I like some of their sh!t. I giggled when I heard “My Band” the first time. I couldn’t laugh watching them on Conan and it should have been easy. They looked and sounded like they were bored as hell, performing “How Come” and “My Band” without any energy at all during the hooks and without Marshall. The midget was there, Bizarre was there, Green Lantern was there, Proof was there…..”Where’s Marshall” No. seriously, they sang this during the hook. They also sang his lyrics at times, as his voice is all over everything. But Em was not in the building. He must still be getting that rubdown from Jenna Jameon or some other Chlamydia patient. STEP YOUR TELEVISED SET GAME UP PEOPLE! I’m trying to defend your wack azzez…damn.
Ps You should have performed “40 Oz” and drank on stage. That would have been fun to do with Marshall.

Lil Jon & The EastSide Boyz feat Lil’ Scrappy on Carson Daly

YEEEAAAAHHH!!! This is why Lil Jon is the man. Somebody tell him that when he’s rhyming on a t.v. track, he has to mouth the words during all of his parts. I guess he look at it like, if they see me missing my verses, “What They Gon Do”? Nothing but keep it crunk! Lil Scrappy stepped up and the East Side Boyz held it down. Nice set.


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