I’m locked up! (They won’t let me out!)

I know, I know, I know…the holiday season sucks. Not everyone is partial
to to all the merriment and festivities. The last minute shopping.
The over-spending. The long holiday dinners with the in-laws. And God forbid
your not a Christian or are one of the more advanced Christians who are aware
that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th (Hi Ma!) But this year, I refuse to
let reality rain on my holiday season. Yeah, Christmas is all commercial
now anyway, but you know what? With all the madness I have been through
this year (ask my friends, they’ll tell you) and all the madness we all have been
through this year, I say let the real world wait. Let’s celebrate! If you don’t have
any loot for gifts, are mad at everyone in your family and don’t want to see them
at X-Mas dinner, or are just a scrooge in general, be grateful for what you’ve got.
Some of us have it much worse this holiday season. Peace to all our soldiers and
innocents fighting and dying overseas! God bless you all! And peace to the woman
you love to hate! Keep your head up M.

Dear Friends,

When one is incarcerated with 1,200 other inmates, it is hard to be selfish
at Christmas hard to think of Christmases past and Christmases future —
that I know will be as they always were for me — beautiful!
So many of the women here in Alderson will never have the joy and well
being that you and I experience. Many of them have been here for years
— devoid of care, devoid of love, devoid of family.

I beseech you all to think about these women — to encourage the American
people to ask for reforms, both in sentencing guidelines, in length of
incarceration for nonviolent first-time offenders, and for those involved in
drug-taking. They would be much better served in a true rehabilitation
center than in prison where there is no real help, no real programs to
rehabilitate, no programs to educate, no way to be prepared for life “out there”
where each person will ultimately find herself, many with no skills and no
preparation for living.

I am fine, really. I look forward to being home, to getting back to my valuable
work, to creating, cooking, and making television. I have had time to think,
time to write, time to exercise, time to not eat the bad food, and time to walk
and contemplate the future. I’ve had my work here too. Cleaning has been my
job, washing, scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, raking leaves, and much more.
But like everyone else here, I would rather be doing all of this in my own home,
and not here — away from family and friends.

I want to thank you again, and again, for your support and encouragement.
You have been so terrific to me and to everyone who stood by me.
I appreciate everything you have done, your emails, your letters, and your
kind, kind words. Happy holidays,

Martha Stewart

P.S. I thought you might be interested in the brief my lawyers filed with the Court this afternoon.
In Sports:

Holy cow! HOW ABOUT THEM JETS!!! My squad is about to make me a
very happy man.
Heading into what may be one of their biggest games yet, Gang Green looks ready for war!
At least Chad is. He is going to war with the media and I for one support him and what he has to say. He should pipe down a bit until we at least win the division. Then talk all the sh!t you want.
But regardless, I gotta do it one time for my boys……
Meanwhile, Monday night was interesting as well. Who would have thought that Miami would do it to the Pats? Who would have thought that Tom Brady would “throw a dumb pass” and have a pass deflected for the first time this entire season? Who knew Miami had it in them and would sneak past the champs? Next season, you guys should wear the Syracuse style jerseys. I think you blinded the Pats defensive line!

I’m outta here for the holidays! Jr. and I are gonna wait up for St. Nick and sk him if he wants to play Sonic or Madden 2005. Hope you get all you want this X-Mas!

Happy Holidays! (even to those of you who bar-humbug)

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