Hip Hop Rules!

There is a lot of noise going back and forth about hip-hop being dead. I tell you what’s dead, people talking that hip-hop is dead sh!t. That’s muerto! I hear you, hip-hop like it used to be is dead. So do something about it. If you don’t like what you hear, go make something that you do like to hear. Then put it out so the rest of us can hear it too. There won’t be a movement in hip-hop until people actually move. It’s like everyone is afraid to be independent these days or something.

With all the technological advances that have been made that enable us to become self contained businesses from our bedrooms, why not do the damn thing for real? Make noise! (Didn’t Greg used to be in a group back in the day?) And the thing is, I know most of the people who comment on this issue, at the very least have some turntables and a sampler of some kind sitting around. Make a beat already! If you don’t I will! (But until I do, you can always show love by checking out my last CD release on Ebay, see below. ) Put your MP3 online, promote yourself, do shows in shi!tty little bars, attend conferences, do anything just put more hip-hop music out there!

That’s all I got to say about the matter. I know hip-hop sucks these days, but it’s still hip-hop. Don’t give up on it. And there really is some great stuff happening out there. Even the bad stuff is better than listening to bad pop music.

Make sure you check out this exhibit in Manhattan(thanks Sonja) when you get the chance. Renowned photographer Martha Cooper has a new book out called “Hip Hop Files-Photographs 1979–1984”. It is on Powerhouse Books and the exhibit is held at the powerHouse Gallery from January 13–March 5, 2005.
Creative Thrift Shop has the goods to make your apartment look like you listen to more than hip-hop and watch more than BET and ESPN. And you can get off your lazy azz and go see some of the flyness, if your in the city.
Ever since the tsunami, my boy Silent Bob aka Ray J has been going around work talking about, “The world is coming to an end!” I for one started saying that when they let the Terminator win the election (come on pay attention), but I’m always glad to see someone else pick up the banner and lead the charge. Now another disciple joins my flock. Say it with me..Arm..a…gedd…on!
In case you have been living in a cave, Jeff Chang is about ready to drop another “must have book in my bathroom magazine rack”. “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” is just about set, with several events planned to mark its official release. Yo Jeff, what’s a brother gotta do to get a signed copy? Holla at me!
LED Belt Buckle-http://www.icedoutgear.com/BB58.php
Did I hear right? Grand Daddy I.U. is about to drop another one? Wow, I was this close to posting my mint condition copy of “Pick up the Pace” 12 inch on Ebay. Maybe I’ll wait awhile on that.
Oh yeah, I got a few 12 inches, DVDs and VHS tapes on Ebay. Nothing to earth shattering, just cleaning out my crates. Bids start at .99 cents. Check me out! I post a few new 12”s daily.
And last but not least, the Jets have a new player to get rid of in the off season. I swear they should have gave this guy 24 hours to get outta town. I hate to dump on a guy when he has a bad game, but this was not the time to have a bad game. Give him something to think about, fire him!


I gotta go lie down, all this boo’ing and the sobering thought of the end of the Jets season is making me light headed.

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One Response to Hip Hop Rules!

  1. sonja says:

    the hip hop files exhibit is in manhattan,
    not brooklyn and it was waaay cool

    been reading your stuff and diggin it…

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