Drama aka Karma

I hope your days are filled with love and your nights are warms and quiet. Ahhhhhh……..that was nice.(no homo)

Don’t ask me why I just said that or where it came from. I’m in a pretty pissy sh!ttY mad azz phuck at u kind of mood so it’s surprising I could actually type that line without pukin’ up my Heineken. (Can blog writers get paid for product placement? Let’s see…… bs jscode :”begin subliminal experiment # 639ez$$$//>)

Anyway, I’m sitting here, mad at the world, typing on my MS WORD on WINDOWS XP($$$) trying to come up with something witty to post on this dang blog. It’s a pain because I have to much b.s. to deal with to mindlessly surf the net for funny photo-shopped pictures of Russell Simmons and Martin Luther King at Freak Nick. I have been avoiding getting too real with ya’ll on this blog. I could pull an Usher and start with the Confessions($), but the hell with all that. I didn’t even really do anything this time (I swear!) and it still got all f’ed up. Plus I’m not that big on my business being in the street. But this isn’t the street, it’s the freaking information super highway! And all this not talking about the elephant thats taking a fat steamer on the imported rug in the living roon is getting on my nerves.

So as I’m trying to do the freelance writer thing and come up with yet another snappy little hip-hop article to post as a work example, it hits me. Why don’t I do a “Sex in the City” style article, just this once? I have tons of material, and questions. And it could be a good way to meet some of the other blog writers I’ve been spying on. Why not? I could vent anyway and my sh!t is much more interesting than the latest hip-hop gossip anyway (I swear I’m going back to house music!)

So how about this. I want to hear from all of you who have drama. Look at it like an experiment or a casting call. If you have some real relationship drama that you would feel like confessing, past or present, I would love to hear it. But I want to hear the real deal break up dirt, not the MARIE CLAIRE($$$) version. I want the real reason behind the break-ups and the fights. The honest dirt though. Don’t be afraid to admit your faults. I really want to hear from those of you with kids and have to go through the baby momma and daddy drama (That’s right ladies, I wanna hear from you too!) I want to hear how you worked it out, if you did that is. If not, I really want to hear that.

I hope all of you who I send emails to will get back to me on this one. You don’t have to say much, just tell us a little bit about yourself and your situation. Then if enough people get into it, we can build on the topics and get some serious convo going. I really could use your help with this one people.

My ex always says that one line, you know the one…”If you ask anybody, they will tell you….I’m right!” So now I really want to ask anybody, and that means you. Give me a shout, tell me your baby mamma drama (or for the ladies, “that’s just my baby daddy’s trifilin azz!”)

Thats it. I’m going to go watch “COLLATERAL” and “IN LIVING COLOR” on my “X-BOX and maybe later play some GAMECUBE before I go to sleep on my SEALY! ($$$$$$$)

Post comments, I like it when you post comments….

Update: Found this link the day after I wrote this..kind of fits…


According to Liquid Generation, me and the X are like these two. I don’t know wheter to laugh or cry.


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One Response to Drama aka Karma

  1. Crystal says:

    Thanks for the email invite! Hmm-I am guessing you are a great deal younger than I am because I have wayyyyy too many break-up reasons per story to fit into one small comment box 😉 All the horror dating stories I have would also be a blog by itself…I think you are on to something though! I bet you will get many more responses once people think about it. Can you also imagine meeting someone to date IRL through your blog and then blogging about it and then what might happen???….That could be a humorous story or a nasty mean story!! I bet we will eventually hear some of those types of scenarios.

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