Houston, we have a problem

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Ladies and Gentleman, I really hate to use profanity in this blog. But what the f— is wrong with Houston? Somebody please help him. Seriously, help the man before it’s too late. I don’t want to hear another record, McDonalds jingle, or nothing from him until he has had serious therapy. My prayers are with you Houston.

Links below….
Singer says devil made him gouge eye out
Singer Houston hurts eye after suicide try
R&B Singer Houston Gouges Eye Out After Apparent Suicide Attempt

Speaking of entertainers with alleged sucicide attempts, I herby proclaim this to be EPMD day here at Canhead. You are commanded to follow the links below and get your EPMD on. (Peace Sonja) I want more info on the Rakim-EPMD beef Na was talking about on “UBR”, I slept on that back in then.
In the spirit of EPMD day, I present to you the lyrics to one of my favorite EPMD songs. I could relate to this song, and felt their pain when “E Double had to push while Emdee steered”. Sure they have bigger hits, like the club monster “Headbanger”, the slick “You’re A Customer”, or the OG classic “You Gots To Chill”. This song seperates the men from the boys. If you know the song I’m talking about just by the hint I gave, you are hip-hop in the flesh. Your ghetto pass is renewed for another 400 years.(message!)
Enough with the chit-chat. Let the song lyric jacking begin.
Artist: EPMD
Album: Unfinished Business
Song: Please Listen to My Demo
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash
[Dub] Yo whassup P?
[PMD] Yo nuttin man just coolin kick back in the studio wit DJ Scratch
and my man Frank B, reminiscin about how we was tryin to shop
our demo and everybody was dishin, youknowhatI’msayin?
[Dub] Yo P tell em whassup man
Verse One: Parrish Smith
We was coolin in my car one day you see
Clockin a double nickel on the L-I E
When it dawned on us that it was, ten o’clock
Turned on the tunes to hear the DJ’s rock
The hands got to clappin, the fingers got to snappin
E and I was coolin, with his mans, he was snappin
In and out of fantasies on how large we can get
Coolin in rocks and Benzes with the ground effect kits
I wanted black, E was on the two-tone
Stupid boomin system with the hands-free phone
The dream gets better and I would like to go on
but I was brought back to reality by a toot of a horn
Smoke everywhere, oh just what we needed
On the way to shop our demo and the car overheated
Feelin real low, low enough to die
Holdin up traffic, on the FDR drive
We had to play ourselves, in the fresh dipped gear
E Double had to push while MD steered
There went our dreams, to cruise in golden limos
And all we kept sayin was please listen to my demo
Please listen to my demo (3X)
Please-please-please-ple-please listen to my demo
Verse Two: Erick Sermon
In the year eighty-seven when we first took off
when I jumped to P-6-8 and broke North
Walkin the big city streets of Manhattan
Buildings, whole nine yards, so enchantin
Thinkin if we got a chance, we could rock it
Funky fresh demo tape in my pocket
We was walkin, and got dissed twice today
Then we stopped at 1974 Broadway
We walked in with grins on our chins
And P had juice from Mr. Virgo Simms
He played the tape and we started to laugh
Played ?if it was sock? and they swoop and backstab
People start to smile inside we buckwhylin
Sayin this all started back from freestylin
They liked it, and they were very kind
But me and P was like, “Yo E, where do we sign?”
Went in the backroom, things was luvy duvy
Met Ron Resnick, and his partner Juggy
Things was cool, as I remembered
We signed the dotted line, now we Fresh Record members
Had dreams, of fancy cars and limos
And I wanted was somebody, to listen to my demo
Please listen to my demo (3X)
Please-please-please-ple-please listen to my demo
Please listen to my demo (2X)
And the rest is history.
Corrections and F— Ups
Sorry, I slipped up in last post. It’s “Opie and Anthony”, not Andy as I had written. (Guess I was thinking about Amos and Andy, happens all the time)
I should have posted the following links at the end of the last post to…You really should click on them.
~Quote from last post
Next post: I give my two cents on the Michelle Malkin piece in the New York Post on Michaeal Jackson and Snoop Dogg. Love the way she ties the two together so neatly. “It racism, that’s what it is!” You should check it out so you’ll know what I’m rambling on about.

I may even address the whole BET thing and why some white folks really get upset that there is a channel called BET.

Well, my reaction to Malkin piece will have to wait until another post. I am getting backlogged with stuff. I’m working on a Blogcritic.org approved T.I.CD review for ya, The Drama Karma story is about to get another chapter, and I think the time for me to school you on house music is long overdue. So next week should be greasy grimey good-good. Stay tuned.

~~~Note to webpage designers at Vibe.com. Is it really necessary to have 2 pop-ups for your homepage? People have pop-up stoppers for a reason. From one Q to another Q, show a little love player. Kill one of the pop-ups. (Keep the one with Alicia Keys. lose the other one)
Don’t expect to see posts from me until Monday, maybe Tuesday. Why? Because tomorrow is
SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!! Don’t bother me while the game is on please. See ya!
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One Response to Houston, we have a problem

  1. sonja says:

    ok, so first off, this new look
    will take some getting used to 🙂
    (sure is bright in here…

    woohoo – amen to EPMD day!
    many thanks for the great links
    especially the interviews –
    great to see them both so up
    and jazzed about the upcoming…
    been listening to them and BDP
    and Big Daddy Kane and the
    Treacherous 3 among others recently
    good, good stuff

    happy super bowl sundae, Q


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