I Got Your Back! (but you best to watch your front!)

Dear Backers,

It has been just over a month since over 5,000 of you lined the streets of Washington, DC and, through one unified action, delivered a message to Bush, the country, and the world. Over 50 million people heard about Turn Your Back on Bush; on TV, in newspapers, on the radio, and online, and our work together continues to make waves.

Last week a group attending President Bush’s Social Security forum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire got national coverage when they took of their coats to reveal Turn Your Back on Bush t-shirts at the ticketed event. And in Europe many people have adopted this tactic, turning their backs on Bush during his European tour.

Check out our home page – for a link to the NPR story on Turn Your Back on Bush in New Hampshire, the Onion’s front-page article about our action and to see Saturday Night Live’s coverage of Turn Your Back on Bush.

For many of you, this was your first time participating in a political action. For others, it was another step on a long road of activism, organizing, and working for social change. It was the role of the Turn Your Back on Bush team to facilitate this action, to give you the tools and resources you needed to make it a success. We believe we were successful to that end, and from the countless phone calls and emails we have gotten since the Inauguration, we are confident that it was a success for you too.And there is more to do!

Turn Your Back on Bush is part of a growing movement of small groups taking on the Bush Administration’s policies, and we’ll be using this list to pass on information about what we’re doing as well as actions and ideas that other groups are working on. We were just two people when we started – and if we learned anything from this experience it’s that we all have the power to make change. We’re reposting some of the resources we found most helpful in building this action on our website – non-violence training manuals and information on creating successful non-violent actions.

We encourage you to use them and pass them on – you can find them (the home page)
We’ll be continuing to send out updates through this email list, and we’ll keep on adding media links and other important links to the website, and if you’ve got news you’d like to share with us, please send it to info@turnyourbackonbush.org.

The Turn Your Back on Bush Team


P.S. We’ve developed a presentation about Turn Your Back on Bush which we’ve shown at several conferences in the last few weeks. It tells the story of how this action came about and we’d like to use it to inspire more people to use creative action to resist the Bush administration’s polices. If you’re interested in having one of us bring this presentation to your group, please let us know!

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