“It’s the white boys! It’s the little white boys!”

Quotes of the day

~”Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.”-Brooke Shields
~”Go fuck yourself.” —Vice President Dick Cheney to Sen. Patrick Leahy
~”It’s the white boys. It’s the little white boys!” – MC Lyte at Spelman College (See “Spelman Crowd..” link below)

~Spelman crowd says “Biggity Boo This Man!”
~Daily News Article on P.E. – “Birth Of A Nation”
~Watch Out Black Folk!- HIV infection hits Blacks hardest, U.S. survey hints

MP3/P2P :
Ok, I have a confession to make. I still download MP3s. Althought I don’t download the usual stuff and I do limit my downloads to a respectable amount, I am still jacking for beats like Ice Cube in a skullie coving the jheri curls. Right now I have “Elektra“,”Polar Express“, “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle” and a few others in my download folder. I know I’m wrong for downloading but the reality is I already saw “Harold & Kumar“, and I got “Polar Express” for junior, who also saw it at the theaters. So it pisses me off that if I download a movie that I have already paid to watch, the Internet Police might come for me.

While stewing over this, I came across an article written by Richard Menta on the subject.
He raises some interesting points, like the relativly small number of people who download movies compared to the current “sue the customer” mentality that is emerging in Hollywood and corporate America in general.

Read his article here—>>File Sharing Movies: Half of All Americans Aware
Also..go Steal This File Sharing Book!


John Chaney is the definition of gangsta! When this coach tells you to “break a leg” (or an arm), he means it! Check the links for the story!
Chaney lost respect, should sit longer
Hits and Misses: Chaney suspension not enough

That’s all for now. I’m working on some goodies for next week…stay tuned!


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