On Any Given Sunday…Or Saturday night

What it do, its El Q The Internet Champ! My blog light up light a lamp cuz I’m back with the camp!

Ahhh…it’s God’s day of rest (can someone tell that to my boss who will not change my schedule so I can rest on the Sabbath) and I’m about to catch a few winks. The night shift thing is really getting on my nerves. I may have to do something drastic to remedy this situation.

On to more important matters. A lot of things are jumping off this week for me, some I will share with you soon. I got a hot exclusive coming Monday, and some more mix sets are on the way. For real, I was out of commission a few weeks ago, but it’s on like Donkey Kong right about now, check back often as I’m not only posting daily to keep up, next week might see hourly post. In the words of MF Doom,….YIKES! Anyway, with no more delay, just check out the new style I display.

~Have you heard of these cats from Brooklyn (stand up) DJ Ayres & Cosmo Baker? They are part of the DJ collective know as The Rub. Son, they are on point! I have not been to their parties, but if their remixes are any indication, I will be begging the promoters to get on the list and a couple of drink tickets next Saturday night. Yo for real, these remixes are of the chain!

Their latest release is called “The Rub Remixes Vol. 1 EP” and its full of mash ups that will separate the real club djs from the fashion club djs (like real dreads and beauty salon fashion dreads, ya bumba ras!) What I mean by that is if you can play this EP at the club you spin at and people go ape shit, then you are a real dj in a real hip-hop party. If not……well wedding djs make money too, so get that loot and when your done working, go to The Rub party.

Make sure you visit them by clicking on the picture above. They have free MP3s of some of the tracks off the EP. Being the man I am, I had to jack those links for my Canheads. Here ya go kids! But seriously, check these guys out! They have a few hot mash ups and blends, some seem to be submitted by other DJs (yeah, I am sending mines soon as I post this, don’t sleep on El Q The Gr8!) Check out the Crime Mob vs Billy Joel mash up, Nas & Red Hot Chilli PeppersLast Real Nigga” (DAMN!), and that Paul Wall Diplo remix. (Hey Diplo, screw and chop that thang up and Texas is yours son!) unbelievable stuff here ya’ll!

G-Unit vs Wu-Tang – Stunt 101 (Cosmo Baker Remix) Say Word!?! Maybe RZA & G-Unit should work together! Works like a mug here!
Nas vs Diamond D – Bridging the Gap (Eleven Remix) Pretty funky, Nas on “Young Gifted and Black” Inst. DAMN!
Joe Buddens “Pump It Up “- crooked remix This sh!t is f*ck1n’ amazing.. Joe Budden and Jimi Hendrix?!? WOW!)

Jay-Z & Beyoncee “Bonnie and Clyde ’03” – crooked remix– Again, DAMN! DJ Crooked killed it!—-


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One Response to On Any Given Sunday…Or Saturday night

  1. sonja says:

    i’m listening to a bunch of these
    and will post my take on the ones
    i dug the most – but for sure
    expect something on the dead prez

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