518 Represent!

I complain about their not being a lot to do up here in Albany. I am starting to take that back. There are tons of things jumping off up here, you just have to look a little harder for them sometimes. Case in point, check out some of the events planned for this weekend.

Northern Lights has a hot line up this weekend for the Albany heads…from rock to hip-hop, Clifton Park is going to be the spot this weekend. This Saturday night they have Hot97 FM’s very own DJ Fat Man Scoop doing it up.
Then on Sunday night, Breaking Benjamin, Theory of a Deadman and the Exies enter the building. On Tuesday night, Rusted Root performs for their upstate fans.
Meanwhile, down at my bar Lark Tavern, (it may not be my bar anymore since I haven’t been in the joint to see Ms. Tess for many moons now) 518 representative Shyste (also check this link)and Awar had their double CD release party on Friday night. Maybe I’ll make it to “Sundaze” with DJ Ryan Kick; Sev Statik and DJ Bake.

Coming up in the next weeks, Steve Earle and the Dukes at The Berkshire Music Hall,
WRPI DJ Toast 16th Anniversary Party featuring Sean Price & Rustee Juxx(Boot Camp Clik and Duck Down), Bath Gate, German Luger, Sev Statik, Shyste, Jake the Snake, DJ Nate da Great at the Hudson Duster on the 12th! Whoa! Check out Pitch Control Music.com for the info

And if that wasn’t enough, all hail he king! That’s right, I wish my parent were in town so I could take them to see the man, Mr. B.B. King at the Palace Theatre Monday night. Much more is on the way, Green Day and Sarah McLachlan both are coming to The Pepsi and Papa Roach and Vanessa Carlton will appear at Northern Lights toward the end of the month. (Got to the show and tell her thanks for that “Time Warner” cable commercial!)
So now my problem is getting the time off for some of these events, this night weekend work situation of mine is being re-evaluated as we speak.

See you in Albany!

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One Response to 518 Represent!

  1. evil empire says:

    man..good to see an albany dude repping this blog thing the correct way–i was actually just up in the “allah-born” for the lazy k shit at sneaky’s–i know some random hiphop dudes up there..not to name drop but..wiz hoffa, money mike, dirt merchants, pope..anyway man good to see good people doing good things–check my joint out too!!

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