My Finger Is On The Button

Since I started this blog, I get emails forwarded to me from publicity departments of all the players in the music industry. (Much Props to E.O. and Blog So much in fact, that I am constantly finding emails about some must see event, a day late and a dollar short..Po Pimpin’ style. (speaking of Po’ Pimpin’…I have Do or Die coming to Canhead soon, stay tuned)

I recently got one from Astralwerks announcing their line up of releases and tour dates. Here are some of the plans, I will be emailing Alison for more info. They are doing some big things this year, and hopefully I’ll be there giving you the blow by blow details as they happen. Ben Watt of Everything But The Girl, Miss Kitten, and VHS or Beta are all on deck with the hotness, ready to release projects in the next month.

Here’s a little from the email:

Astralwerks is thrilled to announce The Chemical Brothers triumphant return to the US for their first live dates in 3 years! Their single “Galvanize” featuring vocals from Q-Tip is heating up the radio airwaves across the country. Their critically acclaimed new album, Push The Button, is out now. (Note to self: get personal copy of “Push The Button” for review asap) ” It looks like they are still setting dates for the tour but they have these three dates listed. If your nearby, you should check them out.

Sidenote to The Chemical Brothers—When you guys set a NYC date, Q-Tip will perform with you, right?!?!?

4/27 Seattle, WA The Premier
4/29 San Francisco, CA Henry J. Kaiser Arena (w/ New Order)
4/30 Indio, CA Coachella

More dates to be announced soon! I’m all over this one like the dew covers Dixie so check back often. Check out the Chemical Brothers website and video to “Galvanize”too!’s Favorite Chemical Brothers/Q-Tip song list

1. “Vivrant Thang”-Q-Tip
While the video may have offended some with it’s unrelenting line up of scantly clad models, it is a beautifully shot video (with or without the ladies…ahh who am I kiddin’ without the ladies it is like Kool-Aid without sugar..weak!) Possibly Q-Tip’s last real club banger until “Galvanize”.

2. “Exit Planet Dust LP”-Chemical Brothers
This album reminds me of New Jersey, or should I say my life in New Jersey. When I was just getting into house, techno, dance, whatever you wanna call that shit with all the noise, bleeps and frequency sweeps. Back then, all the talk was how this new form of music was going to change the world. 10 years later, they are still saying that. Whatever, this album is the bomb!

3.”Get Your Self High”-Chemical Brothers
Come on..this was the fucking shit! Sorry for the curses, but their is no other way to describe this song. It’s like the Guinness guys say on the commericals, “BRILLANT!” “Don’t rely on us to get you high!” If I had a dollar for everytime I told someone that. No but seriously, this song rocks, and the video is on some Wu-Tang shit for real.

4. “Where Do I Begin” -Chemical Brothers
This was my song for a long time! The first time I heard it was on a tape a friend of mine made for me. I had just got home from another late Saturday night on the town. As i sat on the couch, watching the sun rise, I decided to pop the tape in, roll one up and chill. This song came on, lullabied me to sleep, and has been on my all time favorite list ever since. (That would make the day I first heard “Where Do I Begin” a SUNDAY MORNING! HA!)

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