“D.O.D. is in the building!”

It has been a long week for your boy Q. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that it’s on right now. Wednseday was off the hook and will be discussed later. For now lets rewind to
Thursday 10th :Miami is around the corner and I’m still not sure what I’m doing, I have yet another big interview lined-up for next week, a DVD review that sitting on my desk waiting to get destroyed (It is not going to be pretty…you’ll see), and on top that, Do or Die are supposed to call me any minute now to do an interview. As I am trying to hook up the usb microphone to record my speaker phone, it rang. On the other line was my new Cornerstone Promotions hook up, Dani Lovett, with the Chi-Town heavyweights.

Mind you, I am a rookie to this freelance journalism thing, so of course I was a bit nervous in speaking to Belo, AK, and N.A.R.D. I wanted to record the interview and post an mp3 online for you all to hear. The speaker phone idea was a bad look. Soon as I switched over and hit record, the computer froze. I’m still not sure what that was about, but now not only couldn’t I record, my question were on a Word document, on the now frozen computer. So I had to ditch it, and pick up the handset and freestyle it. With that small hurdle out of the way, I kicked it a minute with one of the game’s finest groups. I may be new to blogging and journalism, but I am an old school head in this rap game. For those of you who are unaware of the importance of these brothers, let me break it down for you real quick.

D.O.D. has sold more than 3 million albums during their career. With their hip-hop classic “Po Pimp” they helped establish themselves and Chicago in hip-hop’s landscape. They would go on to record 5 more albums and with their distinctive style they brought a smoothed out feel to “gangsta” rap. They also spit game so fast you might not catch what they are saying. It’s no wonder, as they along with Chi-Town legend Twista, pioneered the rapid fire flow Midwest style that has been imitated and duplicated by many. Listening to emcees from east and west coast alike and you will hear many use the rapid flow, from Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin, Busta Rhymes, and Mystikal are just a few who have ripped it. But D.O.D. got it locked down. They prove in on their new album.

The new album has some major heat, starting with the already classic “Higher” with Kanye. There are many strong radio cuts on here. “Magic Chick” is already doing it thing on BET and radio. They told me about their “Magic Chick” nationwide contest where some lucky lady will win $5,000, a upcoming Magic Chick calendar, DVD, and upcoming tour. That alone would keep The Legion’s promotional team busy for a while, but the album has much more heat to promote.

Kanye delivers another radio ready hit with the bouncy “Paid The Price”, “If You Only Knew” with Twista and Syleena Johnson is another one that will fit real nice in the mid day radio lineup. “Be Alright” with Ric Jilla and Johnny P. sounds like it should be the theme song of a Sunday morning good news PBS show, with its uplifting Phyllis Hyman styled pianos and backup vocals, AK, N.A.R.D. and Belo gives hip-hop another feel good classic. As if that wasn’t enough, D.O.D. linked up with your boy DJ Quik for “Church”. The CD also includes Remy Ma, Johnny P, Malik Yusef, Grind Traxster Trump, and DTP’s Shawwnna on the “Higher” remix. Oh yeah, OG Max Juilen aka “Goldy” drops in for a few interludes just to even it out. This album has some heat.

Back to the phone conversation. D.O.D. also said to look out for their upcoming DVDs, and clothing company “Po Pleasure” coming late summer. They have big things planned for the upcoming year, and I wanted to go in depth on them all, but knew I wasn’t recording any of it, as my computer was still frozen. So I thanked them for their time and did like Dave said, wrapped it up B! Then Dani mentioned a party Friday night at Babaloos. She said she’d put me on the list plus one and I could swing through and holla at everyone. I said peace and that was that.

So Friday night I pull up to Babalos(remember, I live in Albany) hit the door, tell the girl at the door that I’m on the list and she says “oh no your not! Jigga what list? Jigga Q who? What’s a Canhead?” 15 minutes and $40 dollars later, I was at the bar getting a drink. It was alright tho’ I expected as much, club courtesy isn’t what it used to be in NYC.

The place had a nice crowd, Washington Height Promotions (or something like that(?) did their thing, and everyone was just coolin’. D.O.D. hit the stage late in the night, had to be like 2 am. They started with “Po Pimp” and for me it was the first time I heard that joint in a club since like 1990 something. Those 808s sound good as ever.

They also rocked “Higher , “Magic Chick” and some other joint that was tight as hell but I didn’t know. D.O.D. did their thing rocking the small crowd that braved the snow and the girl at the door. (I’m saying ma…….no..no SHE works for Cornerstone, not me…….I’m here for the D.O.D. party….not P.O.D,…D.O.D……I’m a writer….no…..a WRITER…..fuck it, I’ll pay) You can tell that their style might be a bit to fast for some New York heads tho’, as some cats were feeling it, but just standing there. D.O.D. might have to do like E-40 says, slow it down so the squares can understand it or set it off in club that will get it crunk. (ps I know a spot up here in Albany that would be perfect)

About 30 minutes after the show, as I was standing right next to VIP wondering what Dani Lovett looks like, I realized N.A.R.D. was sitting right next to me. I said peace to him (I think it was him, it was him or AK) and told him I would holla when the story was done. I don’t think he actually heard me, it was loud in the spot and I got that Barry White voice thing going on. But it was a good night all in all.

To make a long story short, cop that new D.O.D. album, catch them on tour, check the links below, and tell them Q.Rock639 sent you. Much props to Dani and the Cornerstone crew for the hookup and Belo, AK, N.A.R.D for choppin it up with me!



low http://dod3online.com/vidlo/epkLOW.wmv


low http://dod3online.com/vidlo/epkLOW.mov

“Higher” Video Streams
Windows Mediahttp://dod3online.com/vid/higher%20hifi.wmv

low http://dod3online.com/vidlo/higherLOW.wmv


low http://dod3online.com/vidlo/higherLOW.mov


Po Pimp#1 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles charts
1998’s gold-certified Headz or Tailz sold over 500,000 copies
“D.O.D.” debuted at No. 40 on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart


WEA press announcement

VH1 article

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