A Little Help From My Friends

I don’t mention my new friends enough. If you haven’t checked BlogCritics.org out yet, you’re missing out. Blogcritics is a “sinister cabal of superior bloggers on music, books, film, popular culture, and technology – updated continuously.”
UPDATE: BlogCritics button has been added!

Hashim at Hip Hop-Blogs.com put me up on it, and ever since I hooked up with them, my blogging life has been nothing short of incredible! BlogCritics is the gas that keeps the Canhead engine running, giving me content for days, and at the same time, helping me promote my site and writing to levels I never imagined. It’s a good place folks, check them out. (ps I would have BlogCritics banners all over this blog, but Blogger is funny about stuff like that…Hosting change is scheduled, stay tuned!)

Voted 2nd place in Forbes Media Blog watch list


G4’s Sarah Lane list BlogCritics as one of her favorites (funny, she’s one of our favorite Screen Savers too!)


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