It’s been a long time

I shouldn’t have left you. For real, I shouldn’t have left. I will go into it in detail later, but let me just say it was not fun. At total bust of a trip, except for about 18 hours of fun in Miami, getting there and getting back home was hell. I’m trying to decide the name for the next post….it’s a tie between “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” or “Canhead’s Vacation…NOT!” In an attempt to turn a negative into a positive, I’ll journal the carnage for you all, reality tv style. At least it will be an intersting story.

Until then, here’s what floating around in the Canhead inbox:

To every hip-hop artist in America who make records about killing each other (who is that on the joint Flex was playing Monday night? Papoose?), these kids just flipped it on you. IFilm has this clip of a foreign hip-hop group’s video that has been banned in Norway. They call for the assassination of George Bush, and basically setting it off on America right now for foreign policy crimes and imperialism. The group, Gatas Parlament, released this video originally in 2004, but it is still making the internet email rounds and getting attention. If you haven’t seen this one, you should check it out.

~Rolling Stone has new live footage of T.I. performing, photos from SXSW 2005, U2’s tour launch and more at their website.

~Check out for the ill DJ DangerMouse “Grey” video. That’s what up! Ringo on the turntables and John floor rocking!

~Must have missed this one when I was redlining that 2005 Mustang on 24W heading to Cashville. Remember the part in Fahrenheit 9/11 where Michael Moore says that the US government secretly flew several Saudis out of America on 9/11. Remember how everyone said it was BS? Seems he was right. (Check O-Dub for link!)

Stay tuned.. Memphis Bleek interview is up next.

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