Prodigal Sunn’s new track at HHG!

Hip Hop Game has the exclusive MP3 post of Prodigal Sunn‘s new joint “Love Aint No Stranger“. P Sunn is set to drop his first solo album “Return Of The Prodigal Sunn” this summer, and he is really on the grind right about now. Stay tuned to Canhead for more developments as it’s gonna be a hot summer for the Grammy award winning Sunz of Man alumni.

Prodigal is also on the track “Unleash Me” off the Jet Li movie soundtrack “Unleashed“. The song features The RZA and the video is crazy, on some ol’ “Sin City/Kill Bill” anime tip! I’m trying to get my hands on everything and post it here. Like I said, stay tuned!!

Check out “Love Aint No Stranger” at HHG , click the links below for more info, and visit Prodigal Sunn at his website while your at it. Tell him Q sent ya!

Free Agency Recording

Tracklisting and Info for upcoming Prodigal Sunn Album

Sunz Of Man story

Sunz of Man reinvigorate the Wu dynasty

Did I mention the Wu-Tang Honey Lip Balms that are coming out this summer? Stay tuned!!!

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  1. RK says:

    Check this out:

    It’s causing quite a stir..

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