Vibes and Stuff

~Gotta love those Cali vibes!

~I spend way to much time over here lately when I should be doing something productive, like finishing stories to try and pitch or figure out why the server to the other site is always down!!
(any suggestions on dependable host?)

~Chevelle next single is “Panic Prone” Holla at me and I might be able to get you tickets to a show!

Date City Venue.

7/8 – Chicago, IL – NASCAR @ Chicagoland Route 66 Raceway
7/9 – Indianapolis, IN @ Egyptian (w/Taproot)
7/11 – Detroit, MI @ State Theatre (w/Taproot)
7/12 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit (w/Taproot)
7/14 – Ft. Wayne, IN @ Piere’s (w/Taproot)
7/15 – Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
7/16 – Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s (w/Taproot)
7/18 – Toledo, OH @ Headliners (w/Taproot)
7/19 – Pittston Township, PA @ The Staircase (w/Taproot)
7/21 – Hampton Beach, NH @ Hampton Beach Casino (w/Taproot)
7/22 – Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street (w/Taproot)
7/23 – Atlantic City, NJ @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
7/25 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom (w/Taproot)
7/26 – Dewey Beach @ Bay Center (w/Taproot)
7/28 – Norfolk, VA @ Radio Show (w/Taproot)
7/29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory (w/Taproot)
7/30 – Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance (w/Taproot)
8/1 – Portland, ME @ State Theatre (w/Taproot)
8/2 – Boston, MA @ The Roxy (w/Taproot)
8/3 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza (w/Taproot)
8/5 – Myrtle Beach @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
8/6 – Atlanta, GA @ “Downtown Rocks @ Underground” (w/Taproot)
8/8 – Orlando, FL @ House of Blues (w/Taproot)
8/9 – Tampa, FL @ Jannus Landing (w/Taproot)
8/11 – Birmingham, AL @ Sloss Furnace (w/Taproot)
8/12 – Columbus, OH @ Germain Amphitheatre (w/Velvet Revolver)
8/14 – Madison, WI @ Willow Island (w/Taproot)
8/16 – Des Moines, IA @ Val Air (w/Taproot)
8/17 – Columbia, MO @ Blue Note (w/Taproot)
8/18 – St. Louis, MO @ UMB Bank Pavilion (w/Velvet Revolver)
8/20 – Las Vegas, NV @ Aladdin (w/Velvet Revolver)
8/21 – Tucson, AZ @ Valencia Anselmo (w/Velvet Revolver)

~There’s Something About Mary

~Speaking of Mary and Vibes and Stuff, The 9th Annual Erotica Los Angeles convention was an eye opening experience to say the least. It was filled with vendors of all kinds, music blasting, cars, lights, and of course more porno stars than you could shake a limp bizkit at!! After walking circles around the huge room and venturing the mini maze booths that broke up the arena, I was literally dizzy and felt the waves of TMAATS Syndrome. (Too Much Azz and Titty Syndrome…happens occasionally at really crunk parties and expensive gentlemen’s clubs. Look it up.) I shook it off, like a trooper and continued navigating the carnal maze.

The event seemed to please all, as the crowd was mixed, well mannered and behaved. It looked liked all of LA was in there on Saturday. Young college types(boys and girls), computer & comicbook nerd types, couples, freaks, b-boys and vatos, some people that looked like someone else in your family, and some other people thdefinitelytly did NOT look like anyone in your family were all there! Oh and of course, beautiful girls for days!

“Don’t front. You want me!”

Odd moment #1-While walking in one direction while looking at some random sex goddess in the other direction, I walked right into this dude who looked like he was from East LA. Yaoming?, white tee, khaki shorts, LA tattoo on his neck. Anyway dude is rolling deep and I’m in this piece for dolo. I walk into duke real hard, so hard I knock shit out of his hand type of hard. For a second I’m like “oh sh!t, I knocked dudes sh!t down and stepped on his esais kicks.” So I’m like, “My fault homie, I was looking over at the girl on the Spearmint Rhino stage” and dude starts laughing like, “I was looking over here at her, not watching where I was going!” This same scene might not have ended as well in a club but here at Erotica Los Angeles, love is love! We both got signatures and pictures from her and her and kept it moving!

A “no flashing” rule was in effect so everyone stayed clothed. I think this helped keep the vibe kinda light and playful. It wasn’t as over the top as I hear some of them can be. Everyone seemed polite and talkative and the crowd was fairly tame. There were a ton of girls signing pictures and DVDs, dancing, and working the crowd. Everyonce in a while you’d walk into a big hurdle where someone was posing for pictures, or giving a lap dance without a chair, stage, or anything else really. One stage I saw was so small that my arm could have reached clear across it. How the girl managed to do a dance on it at all truly was amazing. Your favorite porn chick was there at one point, and so was mines ! Like a true idiot, I did not take my camera and I was not going to buy another one. Whatever, I got tons of freebies and email addresses! (feel free to hate me now!)

Big shouts out to Brittany Andrews, Julia Ann, Alexis Silver, Sativa Rose and Justine Joli!

More links on the convention

Pics from the convention(not mine)

~The Los Angeles Film Festival is this week. I’m going to see “Hustle and Flow” tonight. I’ll let you know how it is! If you have the hook up for this and want it reviewed by your boy Q, holla at me!

~Sorry for missing the KMK show folks..I got caught up at the Standard up the road and they served me some really strong Jack & Cokes. (way 2 faded and way 2 many cops on Sunset!) See you next time!

~That song “Georgia” by Luda is crazzzy!!

~X Games XI are coming to LA in August! Again, right around the corner and down the block!

~Song of the day!
“Hollywood Swinging” – Kool and The Gang

~Joke of the day–A Real WANGsta

Q: What did the left leg say to the right leg?

A: That one in the middle thinks he’s hard

Don’t front, that’s funny!

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