Whoa!!! Another Cali Earthquake!!

Did you feel that?!?!

Time: roughly 10 minutes before 2pm PST

As I sat in my office I felt the ground start to shake. Just as soon as I could say earthquake, it was gone.

Reports are coming in now, calling it a 5.3 but they are not sure if it was a quake or an aftershock.

This makes the 3rd earthquake in a month if it IS a earthquake. I’m starting to think my decision to move to Los Angeles was a very bad idea. I know true West Coasters brush this type of thing off their shoulder and continue with their lattes, but for me it is a bit unnerving. Tsunami warnings, earthquakes and tremors are becoming a way of life out here.

I’m sure more accurate reports are coming in now, I’ll keep you posted on anything major. If you are on the West Coast, buckle up!

A few links on the not so big move…

Go to these links as well.


Sound like no damage was done and all is well. Let’s just hope that’s it for now.

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One Response to Whoa!!! Another Cali Earthquake!!

  1. sonja says:

    3 in a month? isn’t that a lot even for california standards? be easy, Q, and remember, NY is just a plane ride away…


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