Link Up, Look Sharp!~

I had so much fun with the Greatest Hits, I thought I’d do it again….plus I have mad work to do so no time for blog writing. Click the links for the grooves.

Post namesake-Listen to the Dizzie Rascal album here! Possible song of the year? “Fix Up..” is still bangin’ and that Squire beat is straight dope, yaoming?!?..keeps heads noddin’!!
“trainers by the track yo trainer by the ton!”


DJ Dramatic-Gangsta Grillz Mee – Rap City Freestyle (Ludacris Diss)

Dilated Junkies-Dilated Peoples feat. Beat Junkies

You Can’t Hide – Royce The 5 9 feat. Rass Kass from


Soldiers Of Darkness – Sunz Of Man

Seed of Chucky – Jennifer Tilly Reading With Redman scene


Don’tt walk…RUN to and check “Nah’ Mean, Nah’m Sayin'” feat. Jean Grae off the “Take London” CD by The Herbaliser. Yaoming!! (ps…BOO Skeewiff’s Man Of Constant Sorrow remix! Mine sounds better, trust me!)

Big shouts to the homie from my home state, Count Bass D! Q.Rock639’s new theme song=”Down Easy”!



Black to the future
MPG Monday post

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