Really Really Good # 4

Keeping the streets dirty, one block at a time!

~More Rock The Bells pics~

Raekwon The Chef performing one of his classics off the “…Cuban Linx” LP!

Tony Starks is about to “RUN”!

Ruler Zig Zag Zig Allah

Blurry shot of Young Dirty

Throw your W’s up San Bernadino!

Party’s over tell the rest of the crew…back to the Raddison and Denny’s..

~Canhead’s Music Player Tune Up~
~“You don’t know me but I’m your brother!” ~

The blue eyed doobie brother number one, Michael McDonald has a new CD hitting stores August 9th! “Michael McDonald: The Ultimate Collection” is a 19 track CD featuring some of his signature songs and sampled hits. “What A Fool Believes”, “Ya Mo Be There” “On My Own” “Minute By Minute” and many more classic hits are featured on the disc. You can check out the new CD at the Listening Party page on Stay tuned to Canhead for GIVEAWAYS and check the links below!!!!

Listening Party Page:

Michael’s Official Site:

~Not For Nothin’

You might want to check out’s Live Concert Series. They are webcasting 3 live audio concert performances this month. David Gray will perform on Saturday, Aug. 6, Lucinda Williams on Sunday, Aug. 7, and Kings of Leon and Secret Machines on Thursday, Aug. 11. Check out and for schedules and archived shows.


~Yo Ray J..I got good news and I got bad news. The good news is I got the new Clutch video. The bad news is it’s Quicktime.

NEW “Burning Beard” – Clutch video

~I want copies of the Rockford Files and Culombo! I may have to send a few emails…

~I hear there is this site called SDRAHH…it’s 18 and up stuff for the grown and sexy, but not dirty enough to make your girlfriend leave you if she finds it on your computer. (maybe) I know the guy that runs it, and he’s not a bad dude. You might want to check his blog site out once in a while, I hear he is updating it and posting interviews with adult film stars, pictures from hot parties in LA, and all kinds of Not Safe For Work stuff. If your into that sort of thing.

If your not, I’ll direct your attention to this….

~If your libedo lays somewhere in between celibate to clinical, then you may be interested in this new book, “Strategies of Sex”

Never on Sunday, Hunday?

SUTTON BONNINGTON, England (Reuters) -The short but productive life of a fresian bull, Hunday Falcon Five, ended here after he had fathered 50,000 calves. ….He died with 7,500 orders unfilled. “We just couldn’t get Hunday on his feet”, a spokesman said.
The New York Times, Nov. 18, 1968

Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday and Monday

And days in between held no respite for Hunday,

Who never did anything merely by halves

And therefore produced 50,000 new calves.

In his time, it is said, at the time of his peak,

Hunday’s humping begat near a 1,000 a week,

But at last came the time when no prod or persuasion

Could help hapless Hunday rise to the occasion.


It is whispered, for no one would say it out loud,

That Hunday was finally, thoroughly cowed.
Reprinted from The Sciences

With that, I’m out. Cross your fingers and pray that I return with BACKSTAGE PICS OF SYSTEM OF A DOWN LIVE IN LONG BEACH!



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