Just Chillin’…

Feeling good, thinking about karma and how good things are right now…gotta love it….now if I can just get all the outstanding orders in, we may be on to something….

Sorry but there will be NO backstage System Of A Down photos on the way…
There are, however, some good pics from the Pornstar Revolution Party over at SDRRAHH

Canhead just discovered focus groups….I will have MUCH to discuss very soon…let’s just say NBC has some good stuff on tap…shouts to B-Original!!!

Style Wars” was showing at Moca tonight but it was so mobbed that we couldn’t get in, even tho’ we had “the keys to Los Angeles”. So we walked around the museum, caught the amazing Bisquait and Blake Byrne displays(We are going back!!!) and had a great time nonetheless….XX’s and OO’s to Christine and Jessica..see you very soon and break a leg in NYC next week!!

X-Games is jumping off around the block, mad mofo are cathing concussions, and I missed Twitchy and Scummy’s party. I tried to get in X-Games today but it was sold out and the motor cross was in Carson. Not happening. I’m trying to catch the Big Air Finals on Sunday. Stay tuned for some type of coverage of that.

Ahhh, what else…..I’m waiting for the Little Brother CD release like the rest of the world…

I got a chess game to get ready for…my oppenent is legendary for his chess skill and all around master mind, recogized in the hood and the board office! Send me any moves you may have laying around as I prep for the showdown. “I don’t give a f*ck who he is, I ain’t takin’ a loss. 1983 New Providence Middle School Chess Team Captain over here beeeyootcch. Checkmate!”

That’s it…I’m out…trying to catch X-Games tomorrow….one yaself!

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