August Webslingin’


in other words….I have some stolen links…sorry for the commandment law breaking, some habits die hard like Samuel L. Jackson in a beat up cab in Midtown….

DJ Klever [The Allies] courtesy of HI LO (stolen from

Rob Swift video-(not a lot, just a little clip of the man doing some exercises) –Play Video

Hip-Hop Music has the new Nas song everybody’s talking about. Get it before his RapidShare ticket is used up! (“scared of pu**y, you climbed out a caesarian..”)

Speaking of Nas…”Thief’s Theme” Play Video

The Diary Of Prince Paul on

I Got the Internet Going NutsPaul Wall (Hip Hop

“Sandwich wrap at 2 in the morning…looks like you eating more than a sandwich, boy!” – Play Video

Venus Williams 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video

Paid In Full movie preview-Play Video

Jammin Jay Lamont on Def Comedy Jam-back in the day….

Victor Vaughn “Mr. Clean” video-Play Video

Quasimoto “Rappcats” video Play Video

Killer Mike-“A.D.I.D.A.S.” Play Video

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