Blogcritics on Hurricane Katrina

Relief workers confront ‘urban warfare’ —- “urban warfare?” How about “civil unrest” instead of URBAN warfare….get it together already!!!!

Hundreds — maybe thousands — may be dead in New Orleans

US counting the cost of Katrina

New Orleans Gets More Troops to Stop Katrina Looting (Update2)-with audio

New Orleans Cops Use Single Radio Channel

Bodies, gunfire and chaos in New Orleans’ streets

Bush insists help is on way to Katrina refugees

Bush warns hurricane recovery will take years-vows zero tolerance for looters…..not for nothing, if you are ever going to excuse looting, I think NOW would be a great time, especially since relief is taking forever to get down there…

speaking of looting….here are some very interesting look at the fine line between looting and finding…no grey areas here, just black and white!!

Katrina and the Media-Looting Vs. Finding

Looters: Hunting for the only food there is.

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