Katrina and more b.s. media

More emails I got from people (myspace rules!) with links to Katrina related stories.

This one came to me from a girl named Q. Someone tell me if that is Wolf Blitzer talking. I hope not. “So poor and so…..black?” WTF? So if this would have happened in Beverly Hills, would he have said the victims are so rich and so…..white?


Aaron Brussard tells it like it is on Meet The Press, thanks to Nahid for the link. http://www.myspace.com/nahidb

~David Banner is planning on holding a concert to raise funds for the Katrina relief fund. Davey D has more info here.

Dave Matthews Band Among Acts To Perform Benefit Concerts For Katrina Aid

Bush to probe storm response

Conscious Alliance team members are traveling to Houston, Texas, today to assist the Houston Food Bank with their hurricane relief efforts.

Tachelle Wilkes at Femmixx shot this one over, make sure you check here site out for more info.

E-Mail Response From Gregory S. Henderson, MD, PhD, New Orleans to www.Femmixx.com

Sun, 04 Sep 2005

I am still in New Orleans. I was out of commission for a few hours overnight. I didn’t realize how dehydrated and hypoglycemic I was until I collapsed at the Sheraton last night. My close colleagues in this effort, the New Orleans police got an ER doc that I met up with during the evacuation efforts of the convention center to come by and run a few bags of fluid in me and bring me to Ochsner where I got some sleep. I am about to head back out into the field – I will remember to drink more this time.

An important contact for any physicians to call to join the medical care team in New Orleans is an impressive young medical student and EMT named Drina Freitas. She works directly under the ER doc who took care of me last night. This ER doc’s name is Juliet (I didn’t catch her last name). But Drina has the only working cell phone and she assured me that she will route all docs who want to participate or send supplies to Dr. Juliet.

So call Drina at 504-914-7394. Distribute this e-mail as widely as possible.
Again thanks for your thoughts and prayers. – Greg Henderson


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