Source Editor-In-Chief Turns Himself In To The NYPD

Dasun Allah was charged with criminal mischief for the desecration a “Kingdom Hall”, a Jehovah’s Witness church.

C’mon duke…….

I feel your pain, but throwing a burner on the side of the K.H.? Shouldn’t dude be in a marketing meeting or something? Don’t hate on the JWs and their “translated” Bible, update the “Hip-Hop Bible”!

Yo D, you should do a story on emcees with JW background. Holla at me and let’s make it happen. I can think of quite a few rappers off the top of my head. Ja Rule (Ja Hova?) Xzibit (X-communicated), Lord Jamar from Brand Nubians, and I believe the late great Frank White grew up going to the Kingdom Hall. That’s right, I think Biggie was baptized baby, baby!
Ahhh, if only we all grew up in the same congregation, we could have formed a super group, called The D.A.s (The Disfellowshipped Apostates….very bad JW inside joke)

I feel sorry for the next elderly sister who knocks on his door on a Saturday mornings. Might end up like that scene in “Friday”. “C’mon sister, lets go!”

Ladies, the next time a JW knocks on your door, answer it naked while blasting “Naked” by Marques Houston! Trust me, the guys really like it when that happens, (happend to me twice)and the women will be soo shocked they will do a mad dash off your porch and may never come back. I stress the word may.

OK, that’s it. I don’t want to hear anymore bad talk about the Witnesses. Go pick on a Scientologist for a while now.

Now what’s this I hear about Ron Isley facing jail time? Not Mr. Biggs! At least Kells will have a friend in the yard if they both get time.

I’m out.

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