All my loyal readers know what it is…a collection of links for you to check out.
Enjoy! More real “news” in a minute….don’t forget the Remix Hotel is on the way, this Friday in Hollywood! See you there!

Why the picture you ask….becasue it’s such a freaking nice day out here. I mean look at it…no clouds at all!

Thousands Pay Respects to Rosa Parks

CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

China steps up its bird flu fight

Dressed To ’Ill
The NBA is playing fashion police to overhaul basketball’s image. But the anxiety goes deeper than a sport

The Hit Factory-Who needs major labels, marketing, or airplay? How MySpace became the MTV for the Net generation.

My Myspace(in case you were wondering)

Make sure you check out the newest edition of “In The Scene” magazine. Click the magazine cover to see the latest copy from Leila and the crew. Jessica Alba is the feature this month, as she sits downs with Fred Topel and tells us why she is a family girl. Also in this months issue are interviews with Jake (Donnie Darko)Gyllenhall, Matthew McConaghey, and ITSM Catch Of The Month Jennifer Walcott. If that’s not enough, you can skip to the good part to read “Ghost and Ghouls Rule Fall Television Lineup” by yours truly. You will have to set up an account, but it’s free so you have no excuses!

You guys must really like the site, because overwhelming traffic shut it down for a few days. The guys are back in action, with a newly designed look, and more bandwidth! Check out the videos and stay tuned for more from LIVESTREAMLA and Canhead!

And last but not least—–


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