RRG # 16-And It’s Good Too!

Really Really Good

What’s the word? Hope your ready for the holidays and everything is everything in your neck of the hoods. Speaking of hoods, big up to Schenectady on the check in! I see you out there! Save me an after holiday plate, yaoming!?!

The holiday rush has taken over big time out here in Hollywood. Last week saw an incredible 4 day event sponsored by Hennessey, with hip-hop legend Supernatural hosting, along with a Kanye West after party. Make sure you check out the full report, pictures and videos over at LiveStreamsLA.com. Much thanks to Chang and the Guerilla Union crew, Supernat and everyone that fell through and showed some love!

This weekend was filled with hip-hop events as well, as Chinky Eyed Fridays had Funk Doobiest, Sabac Red of Non-Phixion, and Mr. Hyde at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. Guru was in town as well, but I missed that one. The next night, The Normandie Casino welcomed the legendary Blastmaster KRS-One to LA! Be on the lookout for video footage from all the events at LiveStreamsLA.com!

So yeah, Festivus is in full swing and I’m catching everything moving and more for you! Be on the look out for more exclusive reviews and previews as I have True Crime: New York City and a few music CDs to holla at you about real quick.

Random links, and stuff flooding my inbox!

Velocity Code:
House production crew hailing out of Southern California, Velocity Code has enjoyed great success early on with their first single “Beautiful Outside” racing up music charts this year. The upcoming year looks promising for them, as they have recently signed a exclusive digital distribution deal with System Recordings and Proper Talent.

Check them out at http://www.systemrecording.com/ and http://www.velocitycode.com/ and tell them Q sent ya!


Still Tippin’ …sort of… http://media.putfile.com/stippinmedres ————–

Rest in peace

Some audio clips of Richard Pryor via richardpryor.com.

Super Nigger -1968
Exorcist – 1974
Monkeys – 1978
Ali – 1978
Southern Hospitality – 1983

The Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne, The Cure and The Postal Service will be featured artist on the new CD “Make Some Noise”. The CD is being released by Amnesty International and will use songs written by John Lennon.

The Black Eyed Peas will release a cover of “Power to the People,” and The Cure takle the song “Love”. The mp3s are available as online downloads via www.amnesty.org/noise . Make sure you check the site out for the singles.


Skateboard P aka Parrell Williams is about to drop his solo CD, “In My Mind”. You can check his media player for the current single “Can I Have It Like That” as well as “Angel” here and at the links below.
From the inbox:

You can be the first to preview the newest Nore – Reggatone single – from the up and coming LP “Welcome to Bang City” debuting on Rah Sun’s Album Bang City.
With songs from Nore, Eric Sermon, Chavito, Royal Flush and G Unit’s Frenchy. http://www.bangcityrecords.com/form.html


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