Really Really Good:Chuuurch!


Good day my brothers and sisters! What’s the science? You know how it goes for your boy, same shiznit, different toilet. It’s been a minute since I dumped one on you all here, so let me get your nose open to my new funk!

I could start the piece off by complaining about my crazy world, but why bore you. I’m pretty sure that underneath all the flossing and fronting, all of our lives equally suck. OK, maybe my life doesn’t suck as hard as yours, I mean there are a few perks to being as fly as I.

I get the skinny on some really cool shit, like the Avalon show at the Roxy, or the banging downtown LA party that jumped off my roof this Saturday night, that you didnt even know about! I get the word and backstage passes to jam sessions at legendary spots like Temple Bar in Santa Monica that you should be at!!(Peace to April King, JewelzDaGod, The Luminaries, JhaVoice and the rest of the set) . I got the hook up for the illest hip-hop concert of the summer….again !!! And at the end of the day, I got more shine that your grandmama’s chrome dome, under the big screen and laser lights in the Staple Center. Translation, it’s all good….really, really good! Peep game, party people, peep game. This is for all those in my congregation worlwide!

BIG, BIG, BIG apologizes to my man HiLo for missing the show Sunday. My bad, for real…I overbooked myself again and was getting ready for the Santa Monica thing when I remembered the Burbank thing. Next one is one me!

And now, on with the show!

The Last Stand

Really Really Good Throwback Video Pick!!
King Crimson “Elephant Talk” 1981

CIA Contributes To The Creation Of The Crack Epidemic

Benny Hinn

Isn’t that something!!

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