Caribbean Seabreeze Festival ’06

Show posterThe Queen Mary’s blaring horn couldn’t drown out the vibes at the Caribbean Seabreeze Festival. If anything, they usually fell in time with the artist on stage, adding to the sounds of the crowd. The summer day felt the heat of both the July sun and the scorching sounds of the reggae acts.

The show jumped off early in the day, with Quinto Sol taking the stage and giving the crowd some of their cumbia roots rock reggae. As usual, your friendly neighborhood blog reporter, El Q was running late. By the time I found my way backstage, the Fifth Sun crew had already finished the set. So I kicked back, fired up the camera, walked the Queen Mary park grounds and took in the sounds. Nadine Sutherland took the stage next, and blessed us with a few of her numerous hits.

While I got my overpriced but good as hell lemonade and chicken kabob, Nadine finished her set. Barbara Barabino and “Dreed” Scott Dallavo kept the crowd’s attention during the set breaks, and I made my way to the side stage. The backstage area was packed with performers, waiting in the wings for their chance to rock. Soon all eyes were on  reggae superstar Wayne Wonder. His fans were in the house, letting him know they came out to hear the baby-face crooning deejay sing his hits. After lacing the crowd with such hits as “No Letting Go”, “Saddest Day”, and “Joy Ride”, he exited stage left to the girl’s disapproval.

Ras Indio was up next, and he brought the Queen’s Mary Park his Belizean Roots Reggae style! While I was not up on Indio before this show, I will be checking for him from now on, as he did his thing and ripped the stage! Check his MySpace page here! Other acts like Lova Boy, E-Dee, Syreen and took the stage in between the major acts. This was cool, but a bit confusing, as I didn’t know exactly who was performing, or what sound system was playing. This may have effected the crowd’s attention as well, as they seemed to be losing concentration at one point, barley clapping at all for the under-billed acts.

That all stopped when Baby Cham hit the stage. It was all eyes forward, bodies up against the fence and hands in the air! Cham came out with his patented “Wow wow” and the tempeture in the park began to rise. As he ripped through his hits like “Vitamin S”, “Gallong Yah Gal”, “Man A Man”, and rocking the set with Wayne Wonder on “Joy Ride”. He ended up his set with his new banger “Ghetto Story”.

The night ended with appearance by Junior P, and the main act of the night, the legendary reggae band Culture. As the night fell, I had to make my exit as well. I left while Culture serenaded the audience under the setting sun, ending a great night of reggae.

The crowd at the Festival

Crowd at the Caribbean Seabreeze

Baby Cham waves to the people
Wanye tells the crowd to get something and wave

Juda Star says waaasssuuuppp!
Juda Star says waaasssup!

Sal of Quinto Sol checking the show
Big Sal-_Quinto Sol

Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham
Cham & Wonder

Baby Cham gives them a wow wow!
Baby Cham

Junior P hits the stage
Junior P

Action=Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland

Baby Cham=Ghetto Story

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