Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

It’s been one of those weeks for your favorite b-boy blogger, Q.Rocky. The reality of life has hit me full force, as the new chant I have been working on seems to be kicking in big time. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever have one of those weeks where there is sooo much turbulence in your personal world, that your sure if you could see your aura and your spirits energy, it would look like a tornado? That’s what I’m working with right now. Ok, maybe a tornado is too strong of a analogy. Sorry the old Tennesseean in me see all scary movements as big funnel clouds. But the winds of change have been blowing down my ricketty little cabin this way and that. Good thing my insurance is paid up.

It’s actually a great thing for me. I am finally seeing some of the fruits of my labor, and things are starting to make sense, if not a lot of dollars. (yet) But this week was like a marathon soap opera, filled with tears, cheers, and jeers. You all know how I am about putting to much of my personal business out there, but sometimes all I have to write about is my life. It’s far more entertaining that anything on television or MySpace. I really think it has alot to do with that chant! It’s bugged.

Let’s see….where to begin. Shouts to my new roomie, the original Puff Dog himself, Mr. Mojo. The rooms looks like the only hi-tech DJ booth/pre production studio!! Since I am always with my Queen now anyway, it works out perfect. Now let’s get this money!

Shouts to Baby Mealz and BG! BG, remeber, all you need to do is rub her back and feet, EVERYDAY! Make Uncle Q happy and bring me that baby!

So then the news of the semi family reunion that jumped off without me, brought a myriad of emotions out of the kid. So many in-fact that it totally took over everything else, and ruined my mood for the day, causing me to miss the jump-off, Boot Camp Clik at Chinky Eyed Friday!! (Swess, my bad for real!!  Heard it was all that tho’)
While recovering from the news of my missed reunion, the words of the chant came to me. Things started to look a little different almost immediately. While I have no plans of converting, I am intrigued. You gotta love the vibes you get on Venice Beach. A stranger walks up on you and hits you with a blessing, because they can see the turbulence of your spirit. I was like, wow, it shows that strong? So I took the jewel and meditated on it, while steering through the madness. Minutes later, I was reunited with some extended fam that I haven’t seen in months, caught up on old times, and got rejuvenated.

Oh yeah, the new job is too funny for words…all I gotta say is, who wants to go to the movies this weekend? (For real, holla at me, I got the hook-up!!)

So here we are tonight, still glowing from all the chance encounters. The phones have been ringing with calls of concern, love and invitation. The weekend has been booked with activities with more loved ones, and the future is so bright, I gotta wear locs. Not bad. Although the BIG summer music festival in San Bernadino looks like a wrap for me. Thanks to forces beyond my control, my time will be spent with family and friends. Compared to the alternative of standing in heat waiting for the crowd to say “HO”, I think I’ll be alright. Shouts to Angela & Troy, see you at the fish fry tomorrow night and the jump-off Saturday.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo…or someting like that

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