Wu-Tang Clan Honey Lip Balm

Wu-Tang Honey Lip Balm

“Let Wisdom Flow From Your Mouth”

Wu-Tang Clan’s Honey Lip Balms are made of all natural products, using the best almond and essential oils. Synthetic detergent, fragrances, colors, chemical hardeners, or preservatives are not used in our products! Guarenteed pork free, these lip balms will make as much of an impact on the health product industry as their music has made in the world!

Each lip balm is hand packaged in an attractive way and will stay fresh for your use. We take pride in our work and we’re sure you’ll notice the difference! Nothing but organic, natural ingredients are used to make our lip balm. It’s soothing and smells great. Treat your lips to our Wu-Tang Honey Lip Balm!

Order yours on-line at Ebay, Craigslist, or email laron@topangasoap.com.

Make sure you add the new Topanga Soap MySpace page as your friend to hear all the latest news and info!

The Official Wu-Tang Honey Lip Balm!


Topanga Soap E-Bay Store

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