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This is why they hate us!

Even though it may seem obvious from the outside, many people may not understand why people from other countires hate Americans so much. Yeah, we know of one main reason why they hate us, but this page, found at Reddit, beaks it down!

WHAT’S ONLINE-The Story Behind MySpace By DAN MITCHELL A controversial new report into MySpace alleges that its founders came from companies involved with spam, spyware and adware.

Some Advice From Your Public Defender-Shut the F*#$ Up!


Word on the Street

The new video game “Saint’s Row” looks to be gunning for the top spot as the street wise hip-hop, video game of choice, currently held by Grand Theft Auto. Ghostface, David Banner and Daz Dillenger are just some of the rap acts that are on the soundtrack and have their music featured in the game. Check the links below to hear the exclusives!

“Man Up” – Ghostface – Saints Row OST (Real) (Windows)
“Saints Row” – David Banner – Saints Row OST (Real) (Windows)

Daz Dillenger “Git Outta My Way”-Interview on YouTube.


Click on flyer to get your pre-sale tickets… ALL AGES SHOW

Qwel & Meaty Ogre “Freezerburner“CD” is out on the critically acclaimed indie label, Galapagos 4. Qwel will be in Los Angeles tonight, with Qwazaar, at Chinky Eyed spot at The Knitting Factory, giving Cali a dose of their Typical Cats flow. Make sure you in the spot for this event! Need tickets? Visit Chinky Eyed’s & Swizzoe’s MySpace pages and tell them Q sent you! See you at the show!

Big shouts to Clyde over at Clyde runs several websites that deal with hip-hop, being one that I check constantly for news. He helped me out with a project a while ago and I never gave him proper thanks. Check his site out!


MySpace artist/pages to watch

Storm The Unpredictable-VH1’s Freestyle 59 Finalist! (VOTE HERE!) Song pick=”Get Your Weight Up”-Big girls holla!

Ras Kass MySpace page Song pick=”Hush Little Baby” Answer track to Game WITH PRINTED LYRICS. “Lancaster ain’t close to Compton” Damn!

Oh No Song Pick=”Smile A Lil Bit” feat. Posdonous

XE03-Rock band fronted by Persia White, co-star on UPN’s show “Girlfriends” and PETA advocate. Song Pick=”Marry Me”. No need to ask me twice! See you in Vegas!


Potluck “Straight Outta Humboldt”–Suburban Noize Records

Just as the title suggest, this is one doped out CD. Look for a full review of the CD here soon, I have my copy and plan on giving you the run down asap. Until then you can get a look over at their MySpace page.

Audio Picks

50 Cent-“F…. That” G-Unit Radio #22 Mixtape “Hip Hop Is Dead”

50 Cent Ft. Tony Yayo & Hot Rod – Get Down [Dissin Diddy].mp3


Prodigal Sunn IN-STORE CD Signing AT SolSounds-OCT. 8th! FREE TO GET IN!


October, 8 2006

Prodigal Sunn In-Store

606 West Pico Boulevard, Downtown L.A., CA 90015 Cost: Free

Free In-store performance & 10% off sale all day! Prodigal was known as the ‘Sun of Man’ and later re-christened “Prodigal Sunn’ by childhood friend Killah Priest in reference to Luke chapter 15, verse 32. Along with Hell Razah and Sixty Second Assassin, they would form the first group associated with the Wu Tang Clan known as Sunz Of Man.

They would go on to release 2 studio albums, the legendary “The Last Shall Be First” and “Saviors Day” as well as an EP, numerous mix tape projects and a classic radio single with “Shinin’ Star” featuring Earth Wind & Fire and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Prodigal built a reputation as one of the more socially conscious and lyrically deep artists associated with the Wu family.


Come say hello to Prodigal Sunn, buy an autographed CD and watch him perform live in-store! Support real hip-hop, cop “Return of the Prodigal Sunn” CD at the in-store!

Don’t forget to bring your camera and your friends!

That’s not all. The new JhaVoice CD “Voice 2 Sing” (Kayaro Records) is here! Make sure you stop by SolSounds and get your copy for some exotic, urban sounds from the singer/songwriter. Visit for more info!


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