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Another dose of goodness from your boy Q.Rock639! More news than you can handle, all of it well worth a look. Read on and learn something new!


IU study: The Daily Show/Jon Stewart as substantive as network news. I’m sure they did a skit on this, joking about how they were a comedy show and had better reporting than “real” news sources.

Check it out here
Exclusive! Death of a President Clips!
NJ-Sen: Kean (R) turns his back on mother with son in Iraq
What’s that bag in your bag, Paris?

Paris Hilton Shamelessly Flaunts Her Stash from

YouTube News!
You Tube bought for over a BILLION dollars!
GOOG-YouTube: Done Deal; $1.65 Billion In Stock

What happens when you type in key words like Iraq war in YouTube?

Speaking of violence on YouTube-“Gangs in the Military” from Fox 11 News.

Terra Naomi’s Virtuality: Episode 1
Check out this video from Terra Naomi, shot by our friend Brett “3rd I” Mazurek. A virtual tour of Hollywood and then some!

How Ending the Drug War and Fewer Prisons Will Reduce Crime

CD Baby artist Laura Corlin nominated for Volvo For Life Award
“Laura and her cast of 14 young recording artists personally deliver the gift bags right into the hands of children in hospital wards across the country! They have traveled to hospitals in The Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock in NH, ST. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Tennessee and San Diego Children’s Hospital in California, and most recently at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Maine.”
Blog pick of the day
Getting your music out there.
As the name suggests this is a resource blog created by a musician for musicians providing links,tips,new technology and articles that will help solo artists and bands to get their music online, heard (and sold). PS don’t miss the JUNE Archives article “Promote your music with streaming video (A MUST READ)”
Plant’s hot leak from Daily News
Radioactive water leaking under the Indian Point Nuclear Power plant site and into the ground has grown to roughly the size of the Central Park Reservoir, plant officials said.
VH-1 Hip Hop Honors Top 20 List-Do you have ALL of these in your ITunes?

Buy the CD
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Buy the new JhaVoice “Voice 2 Sing” CD here at Sol Sounds in Downtown LA. Click the image to go to their myspace page!

!—————– Bulletin Message —————–
From: solsounds
Date: Oct 9, 2006 5:00 PM
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
PRINCE PO Free Instore Performance & 10% Sale!
606 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Monday, October 9 6:00PM
one half of the critically acclaimed internationally known groundbreaking duo Organized Konfusion OK crashed the scene in the 90’s with 3 soul touching successful L.P’s before parting their ways to embark on solo careers.Prince po(short for poetry) continued grinding, adjusting to the ways of the new millenium via pro tools, cubase, etc to further his production skills. In 2002 he started a new foundation called Nasty Habits Entertainment. This foundation consist of a few artist and producers hand picked by po for their uniqueness and limitless talents. “I need people who is going to grind extra hard so we can elevate the culture” prince always utters …

In 2004, prince released his 1st. solo venture ” The Slickness ” thru London based Lex records. The record caused an overseas uproar and was given a 4 out of 5 stars by 3 major publications….and then the touring begun. After extensive touring with the likes of Dangermouse and Gemini, Sage Francis, RJD2, Prince paul and others, po returned safely heading straight back into the lab. In 2005 po landed a distribution deal with Traffic ent. which initially released a special Best of OK which sold exceptionally without any promotions. This year it will be his sophmore banger ” Prettyblack ” which hit the stores July 2006. Po bangs out more hot production on this one with the help of fellow beatmasters Rockwilder, Large pro, and again the madcap Madlib.

Nasty Habits has two artist…GBG and Tha Brothamens, both from New york. Po’s cousin C.J. is on the production side of the team… also there’s a trio from Amsterdam called Soulsearchin who’s beats is beyond compare….FIRE !!! Po’s also picking up a few artist from the west coast to add to the roster. Prince po has numerous amounts of feature spots like Project Polaroid with Tom C and Kool Keith, Percee P’s debut album , Wildchyld, Madlib’s new album, Up above compilation (po has the 1st single) , Cadence’s what it do…so forth and so on….

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