We could be heroes

novel_003_lgAnybody that knows me well, knows that I am a comic book freaking nerd with no shame to my game. F what you heard, I’m all about the graphic novel. If it involves mutants with powers, sci-fi gadgets, villainous mad scientist, and talking animals with genius level IQ’s, I’m there! So when I heard about the new show “Heroes” on NBC, I almost lost it.

Since then, my previously favorite show, “Lost” has been bumped off the top of my television priorities list. “Heroes” is a…err…super show, with a psychic cop, juggernaut like cheerleader, time traveling Asian, drug addicted fortune teller/painter and soccer mom type turned killer to name a few. The series has built the story up, and we know that the heroes will somehow help prevent a nuclear explosion or something like that…we just don’t know how or when. I will be glued to my television every Monday until all is revealed..or until they start to bore the hell outta me like “Lost” is doing these days….I mean come on..”you taste like strawberries..you taste like fish cakes”? BORING!



Oh yeah, I mentioned graphic novels for a reason. Go to Hereos webpage on NBC to read the show’s comics!

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