Really Really Good-Be Thankful Weekend Edition

Diamonds in the back….sunroof top….diggin the scene with the gangsta lean with it, rock with it, lean with it…

It’s that time of year again. While all of my loyal readers know how I feel about the holidays and their dirty origins, you all also know that your boy Q is a bit mushy at times. So the fence sitting continues as I join the masses in celebrating still being above ground. If you filled your gut with turkey guts this year, salut to you my friend. Enjoy, you’ve earned it. Just remember to give thanks and praises and everything will be everything. I’ll skip the usual evil history of the holidays post and give you a few reasons to smile this holiday weekend.

Word On The Street
Comedy and Race in America at NPR

There are several ways to approach and play the race card as a professional comedian. I found this older NPR series featuring the topic of race in comedy, with interviews of Bernie Mac, Paul Rodriquez and Margaret Cho, three people who have meltdowns on stage that are actually funny.

Side note to Cosmo Kramer….thanks for apologizing. Apology NOT accepted.

American Music Awards had it fair share of odd moments and highlights,Flavor Flav in a baby outfit hugging Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg performances are the highlight so far as I can tell. I don’t know, maybe I missed something but the show seemed slow.


Reyes Brothers-Ghetto Therapy-Latin Thug Records

Latin Thug Records has released the long awaited collaboration between two icons of West Coast hip-hop. Send Dog of Cypress Hill and Mellow Man Ace are the Reyes Brothers, and their new album Ghetto Therapy aims to serve the rap world with a dose of their LA based G-Funk. The name isn’t just a catchy title either, as the two are real life brothers.

If you’re not up on your hip-hop facts, let me give you the run down. Sen Dog is a member of the world famous Cypress Hill crew, and his raspy vocals have laced several of the blunted group’s classic hits. Insane In The Membrane, How I Could Just Kill A Man, and the first verse to Latin Lingo set Sen Dog up as one of the emcees to watch. His brother , Hip Hop Hall of Fame member, Mellow Man Ace was no slouch behind the mic either, as he is known for putting work in on vocals. His song Mentirosa is yet another hip-hop classic that had heads from both coast and all points in between feeling his vibe. It is know as the first Spanglish hit, and it helped solidify Mellow Man’s reputation as the Godfather of Latin Hip-Hop, paving the way for acts like Fat Joe, Big Pun, Peedi Crack, The Beatnuts and many more. Now the two have joined forces as a group and their new album is no joke.

This is kind of like back to the future for the two, as they started out in a group together, as Mellow Man Ace was at one time a member of Cypress Hill. The two embarked down separate roads to fame and have now come full circle. After a quick first listen to the CD, it was clear to me that this would be an easy write up. The CD is pretty cool, with guest appearances by the likes of Snoop Dogg, B-Real, and Bishop Don Magic Juan, who actually gives one of his best performances ever as he goes to church in a major way. With tracks produced by both DJ Muggs and B-Real, Fredwreck, and Warren G, this is some serious West Coastin’ that you should have in your ride.

Hanging with the Dog video

Latin Lingo video

Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk

Real Estate

JhaVoice now on iTunes!

Webslingin’ notes from other blogs around the net
Jane Skinner on YouTube– Slip of the tounge by a news anchor. Link from Crooks and

Woman, 92, dies in shootout with police-Some are saying this was a simple case of mistaken identity. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s a first.

Vibe Confidential has the daily lowdown on the down low, including the new Cam’ron dis track aimed at the Def Jam head honcho, Jay-Z, and an link to Michael Richards in blackface. Check the site here, shouts to Butta!

TV Execs Embracing YouTube to Distribute Content
Some execs in the music industry might not approve of YouTube as a content distribution channel, but for a growing number of TV execs, it’s becoming a must for their business.

Check out Culture Drift for post on the new animated death metal at Cartoon Network, Rock Fashion 2006: Strange looks are the new cool, and more.

So Many Shrimp has new videos from Project Pat, Prodigy and the reply to MC Search’s MySpace blog post.

Of course we all know that Bush screwed America over. Now you have visuals to accompany that thought.


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