Online Bootlegs-A Scanner Darkly

Today you could watch almost any movie, television show, and more whenever you want to, for free. If you know where to look and don’t mind low quality bootlegs, that is. I found a site that has tons of movies and television shows listed.

While I wont give away the exact url, I will post a few shows that I think you’d like to see here. Think of it as my SoulCast Movie of the Week!

Today’s pick is “A Scanner Darkly” starring a animated version of Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., and Woody Harrelson.

Part 1

Uploaded by sesmm123

Part 2

Uploaded by sesmm123

Part 3

Uploaded by sesmm123

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One Response to Online Bootlegs-A Scanner Darkly

  1. Thizzy marley says:

    shit don’t work if you say you have something you should fucking have it. its like this all over the internet. wtf all you have to do is not say you have it…(seeing as you don’t) stop wasting out time

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