Webslinging-News on The Coup & Mr. Lif, Bebo, Spying XMAS Gifts and more

Dutch Pull Plug on Analog Television -By TOBY STERLING Associated Press Writer
The Netherlands ended transmission of “free to air” analog television Monday, becoming the first nation to switch completely to digital signals.

Time Out rates the critics-Time Out New York got together an independent group of panelists to rate New York’s art, book, dance, film, food, music, and theater critics.

Kid ‘n’ Play alum now teaches history of hiphop

The Crash
Taken from hip-hop group The Coup’s MySpace Blog page:
Shortly after the acapella singing of “Afternoon Delight” by Ferrell et al., a big bump, then another, then plummeting down as we tipped over to the left. I was sitting in the diner-like booth that many of these buses have in the front. I held on to the table with one hand and tried to guard my head with the other, all the while thinking that I was probably about to die. I don’t remember seeing everyone flying and flipping around me as it was happening, but Carter’s (the road manager) and Wiz’s face were covered in blood, and everybody seemed to be laying around hurt.

Read more here and help them out by donating anything you can. Visit The Coup’s MySpace page to support real hip-hop in a real way!

Holiday Crap That Spies On You– Thinking about getting the Nike + iPod Sports Kit? Did you know that your movements can be tracked? That’s right, The Man will be able to follow you on your jogging trail through the Nike iPod combo, they can even see you on a little Google map as you do your laps. Get one for everyone in your family and join in on the Big Brother movement!

Bigulo Launches Hot or Not for Bebo
If your not up on Bebo yet, you need to be. You can check my Bebo page here. I need to update it a little, maybe add some new music up there. Make sure you read the article at Mashable’s site and add me to your Bebo friends!

Free Tibet!

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