Public Corrections aka Public Enemy Video Tribute Page


Open apology to Chuck D
I got a letter from Chuck D…the other day…I open and read it.he called me a sucker!!

Bring The Noise-Public Enemy

It seems that I have upset the hip-hop gods. In my last Really Really Good post, I mentioned the Public Enemy show at the House Of Blues in Los Angeles. My goal was to simply announce the show, as I had planned on attending. I may have said something that came off as inaccurate. Imagine my surprise when I opened an response email from Mister Chuck D himself! He did not sound to happy with me.

In my original post I stated the following..

“Sure I know what you’re about to say. You’ve seen the shambles of what used to be the mighty Public Enemy on stage. You miss the good old days, when the Prophets of Rage brought the noise to the stage, like no other. But since the original members all drifted away, the spirit of P.E. seemed to fade. Well this show should resuscitate the old fury, as the only member who seems to be missing from the bill is Terminator X.”

The Prophet of Rage’s response was as follows:

Hey Laron Cue, misinformation is a terrible thing…all the original members drifted away where? I started in 1998 , the first of a rap kind. It would be so no info would be lost in hype.

We just completed our 56th tour, Flav only missed LA in 2002 because he was locked fulla traffic violations and we were contracted.

I guess this is the problem with blogs, their illegitimate news sources that spread. Todays my web day and I check spread misinfos like these….lets get it right….. TX and 2 S1WS Brother James Norman and Roger Chillious are the only oones that retired…

Chuck D

At first I didn’t know if it was really him and what to think of the email. After reading my post again, I see what he is saying, I guess. I’m just saying, I know people don’t go to shows or support real hip-hop music as much as they should, I included. Some people are not as aware or concerned about hip-hop groups like PE. PE is one of my favorite groups of all time, and always will be. While I really wanted to catch the show, I still ended up missing it and was heated about it….that’s another story in itself but I digress. I hope I haven’t offended one of my personal rap icons by my last post. My point is, support Public Enemy. I apologize to you and your mighty crew, Mister Chuck. Hope this clears things up a bit. Peep the Public Enemy tribute page here!


Public Enemy “Bring That Beat Back”


Anti Nigger Machine Music Video

Get The F@#! K Outta Dodge(Rare Video)

Public Enemy: Behind the Music

Terminator X – Buck Whylin

Flavor Flav- THE HOT 1

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