Kayaro Records Music Sampler-Music from JhaVoice & Q.Rock639

Here’s a short list of some music from our camp, that you should be on the watch for in 2007! Stay tuned to Kayaro Records for our compilations, the new JhaVoice CD and all our upcoming shows and events!

Got Your Back-JhaVoice
This is the first single off the “Voice 2 Sing” CD from JhaVoice. It is a great example of her bouncy style and one of her dancefloor favorites.
Produced by Kaichi Productions, “Got Your Back” is gaining fans in the college markets, as several radio stations have begun playing her tracks.

Moonlight (You Say)-JhaVoice
This is yet another one of the amazing songs from the Voice 2 Sing CD. “Moonlight (You Say)” is inspired by the Chopin classical piece, Moonlight Sonata. JhaVoice takes it to another level with her message to the youth of love and tolerance. Produced by K-Beats for K-Beats Productions, this song is gaining fans fast and is truly amazing when performed live. Sit back and enjoy the stirring words of “Moonlight”.

Woobly Weeble-Q.Rock639 feat. JhaVoice
Q.Rock639 and JhaVoice team up for this future hit from Kayaro Records. The two Karayo founders set the party off with this banging hip-hop track and they rock the party together with “Wobbly Weeble!” Conscious party hip hop music from Q & Jha!

New Year-JhaVoice
A new track for the new year. JhaVoice gives us the perfect track to set off the new year. No time for looking back now, its on for everyone! 2007 is here! Produced by The Enablerz and written by JhaVoice, look for this one to be released soon!

One of the upcoming tracks of the Kayaro Records compilation CD, this one is some real hip-hop boom bap treatment! All U Can Do Is Stare at the bizzare style of Q.Rock639!

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