Thanks to all the acts at Circle Of Light! Great show!

Thank you all for your hard work and support last night! I could not have asked for a better group of talent and supporters to work with, and everyone in attendance loved the shows you all put on! While many of you had to deal with our set-backs, you all hung in there and saved the day by doing what you do best, rocking the house!

I will let you all know of any shows that we have as soon as I get them, hopefully we can all continue to work together and make some noise here in LA. I am looking for other venues as well and will keep you all posted. As I mentioned at the show, thanks to one of our sponsors help, I did record most of the audio of the performances last night. If you’re down with us using some of your performances on a possible compilation, let me know and I’ll go over the particulars. Thanks again for your professionalism, time and great performances. It was amazing working with you all!

(Side note: I was running around way to much totake any decent pictures. If you have an, please send some my way!)



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