VOTE FOR JhaVoice & Q.Rock639 @ Music Contest!

We need your vote! Vote for Kayaro Records artist JhaVoice and Q.Rock639, as they go up against hundreds of artist for a grand monthly prize of $5,000!

JhaVoice is busy promoting her new album, Voice 2 Sing, an independently signed songstress with hip-hop sensibilities and world appeal. Q.Rock639 is the hip-hop representative of the crew, with his subterranean, southern sing along style in well tact! Click the links below to listen to the songs and place them as your favorite!

Why Do We Kill-JhaVoice is one of the new artist to watch, as she re-introduces herself with her first single, “Why Do We Kill”. The conscious lyrics combined with the upbeat hip-hop vibes of the track helps JhaVoice deliver a beautiful song.

Voice 2 Sing
The title track of JhaVoice’s first CD, “Voice 2 Sing” is a excellent example of this singer’s style, range and message.

Woobly Weeble-A nice hip-hop party vibe track with Q.Rock639 sitting lyrics of fire as the soulful JhaVoice joins in to hype the party even more! Just rock to the rhythm of Q.Rock639 with this hip-hop burner!

“Penmanship In War”
One of the new tracks by Kayaro Inc. artist Q.Rock639, this one is packed to the gills with rhymes, as Q spits some serious heat, rapping through the very last drum beat of the track. With a bare bones, deep toned track, Q shows his skills off on this one.

We are up against some serious competition and need all the votes we can get! Show some support for the home team and go VOTE!

Simply visit, register for free, and start voting. They have several categories available, we are in the Music/Hip-Hop, Pop, and Jazz/Blues section.

Search Q.Rock639 and JhaVoice, and vote for us! Tell your friends to vote to! Contest ends June 1st, add the song to your favorites, and leave me a message.

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