George Lopez-The 1st & 2nd Seasons DVD

The George Lopez Show -The Complete First and Second Season DVD
Warner Brothers

One of the funniest sitcoms depicting a minority family has been canceled. The long running George Lopez Show may be coming to a close according to news reports and trade magazines. ABC’s decision to drop the show has been met with strong comments from the comedy star, George Lopez. Lopez is quoted by the L.A. Times as saying "TV just became really, really white again."

While the comments Lopez has made this week may raise a few eyebrows, the fact of the matter is the popular show is on its last leg. Lopez cited economic and racial issue as having to do with the decision to cancel the show, also noting that his show is being replaced by a show about “cavemen”, with the sitcom in question being inspired by the insurance commercials with the lizard. The genius of network programming continues to show it’s intellectual might as this decision is possible one of the worst in television history. Lopez was also quoted as saying one of the reasons for the cancellation has to do with ownership of the series; Warner Brothers, not ABC, owns the rights to the show. ABC took the axe to a few of the shows in their nighttime line, Lopez is one of the first to suffer. Many of the show’s viewers will have to settle on syndicated re-runs and DVDs to watch their favorite Latino Dad from now on.

Possibly anticipating the decision by ABC, Warner Brothers has released the first two seasons of the The George Lopez Show on DVD. It’s chronicles the series in its early stages, and watching it you can see the format as it takes shape. The weekly episodes shows George as the blue collar dad who goes about his life and new job promotion, raising his kids with his wife and dealing with his unconventional, over the top mother. The show was a platform for Lopez and the show writers to touch on a variety of topics, from alcohol abuse to reuniting with his long lost father.

The series has been under the threat of cancellation before. This time around the threat was real and the show is no more. The George Lopez Show was just the fourth sitcom in history to feature a Hispanic lead character, as Ugly Betty has taken that slot. The DVD also has extra features like a gag reel and “Inside The Comic Mind” and clips and interviews from the cast and crew of the show. The highly popular show, executive produced by Sandra Bollock will be missed. Make sure you look for your copy of the DVD, it may be the last time you get to see the show if it’s not picked up for syndication, in your local market.

George Lopez Show DVD Clip

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