Really Really Good: Gemini Music Month

Really Really Good:

Kicking like two left feet on a newborn, it’s the best of the best is what’s next! Goodness abounds for another fun-packed edition of the really really good show! This post is full of oddities on the net, music links for the internet geeks, and other naughty delights, fresh for the laptops! Dedicated to the cosmic wonder twins celebrating birthdays for the next 20 days or so. Gemini’s rule! (as long as we can keep our minds on ruling and off of how you are annoying the f*ck outta us!)

Putin warns Europe in missile row
One of the topics to be discussed at the upcoming G8 meeting in Germany, will be the possible showdown between the old Cold War heavies, Russia and The US. Hopefully we can get some behind the scenes footage, like the ones from last year of Bush and PM Tony Blair having a little chat about The Middle East, among other things. If you missed it or just want to hear the President curse again, here it is!

You may have already seen these one floating around the net, if not it’s worth a look. These video gems found their way onto Business 2.0’s list of 101 Dumbest Moments in Business for 2006. Some other notables include in the list are Bank Of America , the US Mint for announcing that a penny is actually worth more than a penny, and a nickel is just a few cents shy of being worth ten cents, and the hilarious incident at BBC where they interviewed a guy looking for job, instead of the expert they were supposed to talk to. The job searcher handles is well, even if he didn’t get the gig.

Speaking of job searchers….

The Adventures of Just Another Pretty Farce
One of the most detailed accounts of job recruiters and how low they can go. If you have been out of work and searching for a job for a long period of time, you can relate to this story. Nashville resident, job seeker, and blog writer details a meeting with a less than scrupulous job placement company. Her meeting with the company was just the beginning, as the company in question went very public in their defense of their actions, even going as far as threatening legal actions. This story originally broke in April but it’s still a very interesting read.

So you had a fight with your lady last night? I bet it wasn’t anything like this one! If it was, you must be taking the red pill like Neo! Japanese Human Art with a twist, found at
Why is my girlfriend mad? Probably because she has a house full of strangers in all black outfits making a mess of things.

June Black Music Month 2007, “Let This Music Move You”

From the field hollers and Ole Negro Spirituals during slavery, the Ragtime & Blues to formulate “Jass”, From Rock n Roll to Soul; and today Hip Hop. Black Music is the only American Music.
In the early 20’s it was Ma Rainey, often spoken of as the mother of the Blues, Big Mama Thornton who was the first to record the song “Hound Dog”, a big hit for her then and much later a major hit for Elvis Presley. Charles “Buddy” Bolden whose playing inspired Joe King Oliver and Louis Armstrong.
Scott Joplin was the first musician to sell 1 million copies of any type of music. The song was, “Maple Leaf Rag” published in 1899 and in its first six months sold 75,000 copies, becoming “the first great instrumental sheet music hit in America”. These are a few of the Pioneers of this music that would spawn great many genres to come.

African American musicians are major contributors to the rich culture of this country. This Music has enhanced our lives with its power to lift the human spirit, change our hearts and shape our conscience. Billie Holiday’s performance of “Strange Fruit”, still brings tears to my eyes just to hear it. This Music gives us hope during trying times and inspires us to Greatness in creativity. James Brown’s “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud”, when I heard this song as a child it gave me a sense of pride and hope for a better future.
The World of today’s musician is changing dramatically. Technology is ushering in new developments daily. The Internet has given us a world wide potential audience. How do we effectively position ourselves on this plateau? The Ipod has totally changed the way we manage our music. With its capability of storing massive amounts of data it’s quite easy to get lost in the shuffle. As an artist how do we present our work? These are a few of many questions being asked by musicians today.

Come join us in this Junes Black Music Month as we celebrate, we remember, we analyze to become wiser, we dialog to reflect the beauty and creativity of this incredible Art Form.

Peace & Love,
Amin EL

In celebration of Black Music Month, here’s a short video list of some classic videos for ya!
Black Music Month has begun…educate yourself!



George Clinton – Dr. Funkenstein w/ Mothership

Gil Scott-Heron – In The Bottle

Big Mama Thornton ft. Buddy Guy – Hound Dog

This is one of my personal favorites! There is no voice on earth like Howlin’ Wolf’s, now or ever!

Howlin’ Wolf – Evil (is going on)

Stand By Me Ben E King 1961

Sly & The Family Stone – Loose Booty & Higher (Live – 1975)

Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On 1974

Uncle Rufus! Clean as a mug!

Original sampled by Dr. Dre for “Eazier Said Than Dunn”

Jimi Hendrix – All along the watchtower


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