E-Reece brings A New Breed of Hip-Hop

E Reece
A New Breed
EMH Recording

E Reece is next in line to represent the new Hip-Hop movement. His music isn’t the average sounds heard in rap today. It’s organic in its feel, naturally groovy when you hear it up close. This is feel good music from a tight band of like minded souls. Core Elements are the backbone to E-Reece’s live show, and they bring real music to the party with a DJ to match. I got a feeling you might see and hear of these guys a bit more in the future.

Reeces’ first album, A New Breed, drops on July 24th on EMH Records. The album is a cross between east coast underground and west coast vibes. When I say east coast, think ATCQ and when I say west coast, think Heiro. Reese keeps it oh so positive and conscious, no blingin’, hustlin’, killin type ish is present here.

A New Breed
lives up to its title, by re-introducing a new breed of emceeing in it’s opening title track. By the time “The Get Up” gets you up, you learn it’s just a set up for back in the day cool out “Happy Dayz”. Other heaters on the disc are “Make A Change”, “Get Into It” feat. Hilsyde, “Survivors” feat. Buff1 and the crowd rocker “Never Mind That” feat. Buff1,and NowOn.

The Temple Bar vet has put together a cool intro album. Judging by the way Reece and the Core Elements crew had the Grand Star crowd jumping last Friday, July 13th, his organic Hip-Hop should spread through the world soon enough. He performed to a ready crowd that roared their approval. Not a bad way to set off his record release party.

Singer songwriter JhaVoice rocked an impromptu song with the house jazz band, downstairs, wowing the Soul Sessions party goers with a quick “Smooth Operator” cover, adding more spice to the night of music.

A New Breed is a nice addition to the underground sound, one that won’t stay buried beneath the surface for long. Support this new breed of positive music and get that new album by E-Reece.

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2 Responses to E-Reece brings A New Breed of Hip-Hop

  1. Josh says:

    E-Reece’s record is great! And those Buff1 tracks are bangers as well.

    Well written article, and thanks for the background info on E-Reece!

  2. Hi Grayson,

    I really like you and admire you for being liberal and taking a stand for not only the Black community, but, for all people that want to live and have a respectful life at it’s fullest. I have seen many women of color with blonde hair and some of them are half white and have blue eyes. No biggie to me and I really don’t care what these women do to their hair as long as they make sure it doesn’t fall out! It’s happened to a friend of mine and she had to apply rogaine to make it grow back. She now has the “brownish/blonde” she naturally was born with (she’s got greenish/blue eyes and both parents are half white/black). I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles county and my immediate family was the only “white” family on the street and I never knew it. I’m so “color blind” that I didn’t know it until I moved to Arizona. MLK Jr Day was not observed here then and I threw a fit! I was like pissed off that AZ didn’t observe it and was one of the first at the polls to make it a holiday in the state. BTW…it’s observed here now. As you can see in my profile, I wasn’t a typical “white boy” as I like the music of MY CULTURE which contains of what and where I grew up and my parent’s desires where to raise me and grow up. My mother (God rest her WONDERFUL soul) was the most AMAZING person I’ve ever known. She was so loved by everyone in our community and respected so much that she’s won awards from the black community. The 70’s were tough growing up with the Crips and the Bloods and being a minority in the neighborhoods of these cities gave me a real life sense that I am part of these people’s lives. I am proud that I have had the chance to experience what most “white” people haven’t as I have respect for ALL people regardless of race or religion.
    Sorry to bother you, but, I want you to know that I support everything you do and have GREAT respect for you. Keep up the great work you do!


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