Knowledge Of Self Collected

The sounds of k-os continues to tread the tight rope of next level and retro greatness. The Canadian based, Virgin Records artist has a new album, and it is sure to be one of the highlight albums of his career! ‘Collected” is in stores now, at a special price for frugal music fans. While this is a re-release of some of his past hits, there are a few remixes here, along with his version of Feist’s “Mushaboom”, where he gives the song a beat box groove, that Dougie Fresh & Razhel would be proud of.

k-os spent his summer vacation on the road with Gym Class Heros and the Vans Warped Tour. The album is a way to fast forward new fans through his style and music, with many of his hits in tow. Die-hard fans will be pleased to hear five unreleased cuts, including “i am” as well as the greeting “introsuckshun”. From there we are hit off with his personal pick of the litter, with “Man i Used to be”, “the Rain” and “Crabbuckit” among the k-os gems. This collection is a great example of how far Hip-Hop has come and how far it continues to go. Get your copy now!

Chemical Brothers feat. k-os “Get Yourself High”


Born To Run

B-Boy Stance

k-os official site

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