Really Really Good: 6 to 9-OJ, Jena 6 and Slavery Quote

Peace party people. The B-Boy Blog king is busy as ever, and the news wire and email in boxes are filled with drama, beats, rhymes and rants. Check the rundown below, and stay tuned!

Jena LA

Jena 6
The case of the Jena 6 is continuing to shine the glaring spotlight on race relation in America, and in the South in general. The initial charges against the 6 black students who were arrested in the small Louisiana town, has led to a national up roar of injustice, protest and tons of media attention. This is a situation that has been smoldering for over a year, with the arrest of the the black students being the final straw in this town’s chapter of civil unrest.

Whether this will indeed be the beginning of a new civil rights movement, as Rev. Al Sharpton has said, is yet to be fully seen. Regardless it is a major turning point in the consciousness of America, with thousands of African Americans and minorities stepping up to the occasion. This is an issue that will not go away quietly or quickly. Stay tuned for more news and developments from the sleepy town of Jena.

O.J. Simpson
OJ, OJ, OJ. What are we going to do with you? As the nation tries to get their minds around the entire Jena 6 situation, here comes Mr. Simpson with yet another trifflin’ episode in his increasingly vida loca. Bookies in Las Vega must be getting ready to make some serious cash, not from selling his sports memorabilia, but from the bets of if/when OJ will go to jail. From the looks of the witnesses that are tied to the fiasco, my money is on the Juice being on the loose yet again! And no, it’s not a black thing, it’s the same story as last time, sloppy prosecution and questionable witnesses.

Flyer of the week!–Don’t ask any questions, just go look at this flyer.

Some interesting quotes about money/slavery-taken from

“Keeping slaves,” they argued, “required accomodation, food, medicine, hospitalization…” In effect a kept slave necessitates similar expense and treatment accorded to the best ‘yoked’ animals in our business stables and pastures. The employed serf (‘wage-slave’) can be dismissed at will, works for a pittance under duress, feeds and clothes his family, will happily pay us three times for a mortgaged house over a generation, and will be totally dependent upon the ‘Owners of Capital’ for his continued mutual survival.”

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